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Bernstein, Zachary
Reconsidering Organicism in Milton Babbitt\'s Music and ThoughtCUNY Graduate CenterJune 2015
Bourne, Janet E
A Theory of Analogy for Musical Sense-Making and Categorization: Understanding Musical JabberwockyNorthwestern UniversityMay 2015
Chung, Heewon
Semitonal Relationships in Chopin\'s MusicUniversity of MichiganApril 2015
Cohen, Gilad
Expansive Rock: Large-Scale Structure in the Music of Pink FloydPrinceton UniversityJune 2015
Davis, Colin
Polyphonic Harmony in Three of Ferruccio Busoni\'s Orchestral ElegiesUniversity of North TexasMay 2015
Dellosa, Lerie Grace
Messiaen\'s Musical Language: Technique and Theological Symbolism in Les Corps glorieux, \"Combat de la mort et de la vie\"University of North TexasOctober 2015
Ensign, Jeffrey S.
Form in Popular Song, 1990-2009University of North TexasAugust 2015
Evan Ware
Their Ways: Theorizing Reinterpretation in Popular MusicUniversity of MichiganMay 2015
Gerg, Ian W
The Virtual Observing Agent in Music: A Theory of Agential Perspective as Implied by Indexical GestureUniversity of Texas at AustinAugust 2015
Geyer, Benjamin M.
Meter, Phrase, and Form in the Compositions of Maria SchneiderUniversity of KentuckyApril 2016
Huguet, Joan C
Formal Functions and Voice-Leading Structures in Beethoven’s Early Sonata-Rondo Finales
Eastman School of MusicApril 2015
Kye, Hee Seng
The Third Voice: Anima as Drama in Mozart\'s OperasThe University of Hong KongMay 2015
McDonnell, Cari E
Genre in Context: the Musical in Classical HollywoodThe University of Texas at AustinAugust 2015
Newton, Alex
Semiotics of Music, Semiotics of Sound, and Film: Toward a Theory of AcousticonsThe University of Texas-AustinJune 2015
Palmer, James K N
Form-Functional and Topical Sources of Humour in Classical Instrumental MusicUniversity of British ColumbiaAugust 2015
Rabinovitch, Gilad
Tracing Galant Threads: Gjerdingen\'s Schemata and the Evolution of Musical Form, 1730-1780Eastman School of Music, University of RochesterJuly 2015
Ripley, Angela N.
Surviving Set Theory: A Pedagogical Game and Cooperative Learning Approach to Undergraduate Post-Tonal Music Theory
The Ohio State UniversityJuly 2015
Rodrigues, Higo H
Rudman, Jessica L.
Common-tone Preserving Contextual Inversions in the Music of Ellen Taaffe ZwilichThe Graduate Center, City University of New YorkApril 2015
Sant \' Ana, Edson Hansen
Intervalar Expressivity in the Almeida Prado\'s PoesilúdiosUniversidade de Brasília (UnB)August 2009
Sherrill, Paul M.
The Metastasian Da Capo Aria: Moral Philosophy, Characteristic Actions, and Dialogic FormIndiana UniversityMay 2016
van Tour, Peter M.
Counterpoint and Partimento: Methods of Teaching Composition in Late
Eighteenth-Century Naples
Uppsala University, SwedenMay 2015
Vurkaç, Mehmet
Prestructuring Multilayer Perceptrons based on Information-Theoretic Modeling of a Partido-Alto-based Grammar for Afro-Brazilian Music: Enhanced Generalization and Principles of Parsimony, including an Investigation of Statistical ParadigmsPortland State UniversityDecember 2011
Wells, Robert L.
A Generalized Intervallic Approach to Metric ConflictEastman School of MusicNovember 2014

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