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Tsougras, Costas, F
Generative Theory of Tonal Music and Modality - Research based on the analysis of "44 Greek miniatures" by Yannis ConstantinidisAristotle University of ThessalonikiMarch 2002
Polyvios, Androutsos
Development and Experimental Implementation of a Model of Teaching the History of Music in Secondary EducationAristotle University of ThessalonikiDecember 2002
Yoshikawa, Christine M
Rachmaninoff’s Integrative Technique and Structural Organization: A Schenkerian Analysis of Allegro Moderato, from Piano Sonata No. 1 in D Minor, Opus 28Arizona State UniversityMay 2004
Burns, Kristine H.
The History and Development of Algorithms in Music Composition, 1957-93Ball State UniversityApril 1994
Isaacson (Gozali) Atara
Cantabile in the Romantic Piano Concerti with Emphasis on Schumann, Liszt and BrahmsBar Ilan UniversityNovember 2006
Edith, Zack
Carmen and Turandot: femme fatale to femme creatrice in operaBar-Ilan University, IsraelJune 2000
Attar, Ron
Analysis of Bela Bartok's Performances to Selected CompositionsBar-Ilan University, IsraelJune 2007
Selvafiorita, Fabio
Genesi della forma nella Composizione Assistita al Computer: modelli teorici e prospettive poietiche nel'ambiente di programmazione OpenMusic (Genesis of form in Computer Aided Composition: theoretical models and poietical perspective)Bologna UniversityJanuary 2007
Rosenberg, Nancy E.
From Rock Music to Theory Pedagogy: Rethinking U.S. College Music Theory Education from a Popular Music PerspectiveBoston UniversityJanuary 2010
Cathey, Sheila C.
Profiles, Perceptions, and Practices Related to Customizable Computer-Aided Instruction (MacGAMUT) Among Postsecondary Aural-Training InstructorsBoston UniversityMay 2014
Beaudoin, Paul E
Rhetoric as a Heuristic in the First Movement of Beethoven's Third Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, op. 69Brandeis UniversityFebruary 2002
Cornicello, Anthony M.
Timbral Organization in Tristan Murail's "Désintégrations" and "Rituals"Brandeis UniversityMay 2000
Hoffman, Stanley M.
Extended Tonality and Voice Leading in Twelve Songs, Op. 27 by Alexander ZemlinskyBrandeis UniversityFebruary 1993
McDonnell, Donald R.
Roger Sessions' Symphony No. 3, First Movement: Form, Hexachordal Polarity, and Harmonic Language (and) Nexus/Dreamscape for Chamber Ensemble. (Original Composition)Brandeis UniversityFebruary 1994
Ludwig, Alexander R
Three-Part Expositions in the String Quartets of Joseph HaydnBrandeis UniversityAugust 2010
Samuels, Robert
Semiotics and Mahler: Analyses of Musical Signification in the Sixth SymphonyCambridge UniversitySeptember 1993
Weytjens, Stephan
Text as a Crutch in Arnold Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire” op. 21? An Analysis of the Relationship between Textual Aspects and Musical Structure in Free AtonalityCatholic University of LeuvenDecember 2003
Anson-Cartwright, Mark
The Development Section in Haydn's Late Instrumental WorksCity University of New YorkAugust 1998
Santa, Matthew S.
Studies in Post-Tonal Diatonicism: A Mod7 PerspectiveCity University of New YorkMay 1999
O'Donnell, Shaugn J.
Transformational Voice Leading in Atonal MusicCity University of New YorkMarch 1997
Link, John, F.
Long-Range Polyrhythms in Elliott Carter's Recent MusicCity University of New YorkJanuary 1994
Raickovich, Milos
Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass: A Musical AnalysisCity University of New YorkMay 1994
Longo, Lauren, M.
Pietro Gianotti's Le Guide du compositeur: A Reworking of Rameau's "L'Art de la basse fondamentale"--An Annotated Translation and Critical Edition of Part ICity University of New YorkJuly 1997
Poudrier, Ève
Toward a general theory of polymeter: Polymetric potential and realization in Elliott Carter's solo and chamber instrumental works after 1980City University of New YorkSeptember 2008
Lavengood, Megan L.
A New Approach to the Analysis of TimbreCity University of New YorkMay 2017
Losada, C. Catherine
A Theoretical Model for Collage in Music Derived from Selected Works by Berio, Zimmermann and RochbergCity University of New York Graduate CenterAugust 2004
Windsor, Luke W.
A Perceptual Approach to the Description and Analysis of Acousmatic MusicCity University, LondonSeptember 1995
Schubert, Joseph E.
The Solo Organ Works of Jean-Jacques Grunenwald:
Style Analysis and Context within the Twentieth-century French Organ Culture
Claremont Graduate UniversityOctober 2018
Mooney, Kevin
The Table of Relations and Music Psychology in Hugo Riemann's Harmonic TheoryColumbia UniversityDecember 1995
Wang, Yuhwen
The Value of Values: Value Judgment in Edward T. Cone's Music AnalysesColumbia UniversityDecember 1996
Steinbeck, Paul
Urban Magic: The Art Ensemble of Chicago's Great Black MusicColumbia UniversityMay 2008
Doll, Christopher
Listening to Rock HarmonyColumbia UniversityMay 2007
Sheehan, Paul J.
Twelve-Tone Enitities, Inquisitorial Mind, and the Network Model of the Multitude: Analyzing Luigi Dallapiccola's Il prigionieroColumbia UniversityNovember 2007
Gleason, Scott M.
Princeton Theory\'s ProblematicsColumbia UniversityOctober 2013
Mutch, Caleb M
Studies in the History of the CadenceColumbia UniversityJune 2015
Dogantan, Mine
Mathis Lussy's Theory of Rhythm as a Basis for a Theory of Expressive PerformanceColumbia University, New YorkMay 1997
Jardim, Antonio
Music: another density of real - to a philosophy of a substantive languageConservatorio Brasileiro de MusicaMarch 1988
Robison, Brian Carl
Carmen arcadiae mechanicae perpetuum: Toward a methodology for analyzing Harrison Birtwistle\'s music since 1977Cornell UniversityAugust 1999
Taylor, Stephen Andrew
The Lamento Motif: Metamorphosis in Ligeti's Late StyleCornell UniversityMay 1994
Duncan, Stuart P
The Concept of New Complexity: Notation, Interpretation and AnalysisCornell UniversityMay 2010
Day-O\'Connell, Jeremy
Pentatonicism in Nineteenth-Century MusicCornell UniversityAugust 2002
Adams, Kyle
A New Theory of Chromaticism from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Eighteenth CenturyCUNY Graduate CenterSeptember 2006
Heinzelmann, Sigrun B
Sonata Form in Ravel's Pre-War Chamber MusicCUNY Graduate CenterFebruary 2008
Klorman, Edward
Multiple Agency in Mozart\'s Chamber MusicCUNY Graduate CenterJanuary 2013
Moseley, Brian C.
Twelve-Tone Cartography: Space, Chains and Intimations of \'Tonal Form\' in Webern\'s Twelve-Tone MusicCUNY Graduate CenterAugust 2013
Nobile, Drew F.
A Structural Approach to the Analysis of Rock MusicCUNY Graduate CenterDecember 2013
Porterfield, Richard
Melodic Function and Modal Process in Gregorian ChantCUNY Graduate CenterDecember 2013
Bernstein, Zachary
Reconsidering Organicism in Milton Babbitt\'s Music and ThoughtCUNY Graduate CenterJune 2015
Thiebaut, Ines
Symmetry and Interval Cycles in the Quartettos of Mario DavidovskyCUNY Graduate CenterSeptember 2016
Hooper, Jason A.
Heinrich Schenker’s Early Approach to Form, 1895–1921: Implications for His Late Work and Its Reception
CUNY Graduate CenterFebruary 2017
Gonzalez-Lizausaba Oswaldo
L'analyse ondulatoire : une approche morphologique de l'analyse musicaleDoctor in Arts & Sciences of art - Université de Paris 1March 2010
Hunt, Graham G.
\"Ever New Formal Structures\": The Evolution of the Dialogue-Scene in Wagner\'s LohengrinDuke UniversityMay 2001
Spiegelberg, Scott C.
The Psychoacoustics of Musical ArticulationEastman School of MusicJanuary 2002
Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew, P.
Thematic Development and Dramatic Association in Wagner's Der Ring des NibelungenEastman School of MusicJuly 2001
Rifkin, Deborah
Tonal Coherence in Prokofiev's Music: A Study of the Interrelationships of Structure, Motives, and DesignEastman School of MusicApril 2000
Alegant, Brian
The Seventy-Seven Partitions of the Aggregate: Analytical and Theoretical ImplicationsEastman School of MusicOctober 1992
Waters, Keith, J.
Rhythmic and Contrapuntal Structures in the Music of Arthur HoneggerEastman School of MusicJanuary 1997
Buchler, Michael H.
Relative Saturation of Subsets and Interval Cycles as a Means for Determining Set-Class SimilarityEastman School of MusicOctober 1997
Mak, Su Yin.
Structure, Design, and Rhetoric: Variation Procedures in Selected Instrumental and Vocal Works by Franz SchubertEastman School of MusicDecember 1997
Leong, Daphne
A Theory of Time-Spaces for the Analysis of Twentieth-Century Music: Applications to the Music of Bela BartokEastman School of MusicApril 1999
Silberman, Peter S.
Neighbor Spaces: A Theory of Harmonic Embellishment for Twentieth-Century Neotonal MusicEastman School of MusicMay 2006
Mak, Su Yin
Structure, Design, and Rhetoric: Variation Procedures in Selected Instrumental and Vocal Works by Franz SchubertEastman School of MusicJanuary 2009
Nelson, Richard B.
Theories of Harmonic Modulation in Selected German Treatises of the Eighteenth CenturyEastman School of MusicDecember 1983
Folio, Cynthia J.
An Analysis and Comparison of Four Compositions by Joseph Schwantner: And the Mountains Rising Nowhere; Wild Angels of the Open Hills; Aftertones of Infinity; and SparrowsEastman School of MusicMay 1985
Huguet, Joan C
Formal Functions and Voice-Leading Structures in Beethoven’s Early Sonata-Rondo Finales
Eastman School of MusicApril 2015
Wells, Robert L.
A Generalized Intervallic Approach to Metric ConflictEastman School of MusicNovember 2014
Belcher, Owen H
Analytical Studies of Selected Cantatas by J.S. BachEastman School of MusicApril 2018
Grant, Aaron B.
Schubert\'s Three-Key ExpositionsEastman School of MusicJune 2018
Marlowe, Sarah R.
Fugue in Context: A Schenkerian Approach to Select Works by J.S. Bach and Dmitri ShostakovichEastman School of Music of the University of RochesterOctober 2013
Ricci, Adam
A Theory of the Harmonic SequenceEastman School of Music, University of RochesterMay 2004
Capuzzo, Guy
Variety Within Unity: Expressive Ends and their Technical Means in the Music of Elliott Carter, 1983-1994Eastman School of Music, University of RochesterDecember 1999
Ng, Samuel
A Grundgestalt Interpretation of Metric Dissonance in the Music of Johannes BrahmsEastman School of Music, University of RochesterJuly 2005
Mailman, Joshua B.
Temporal Dynamic Form in Music: Atonal, Tonal, and OtherEastman School of Music, University of Rochester April 2010
de Clercq, Trevor O.
Sections and Successions in Successful Songs: A Prototype Approach to Form in Rock MusicEastman School of Music, University of RochesterJanuary 2012
Andrew Aziz
In Name Only: The Interaction of Title and Genre in the Sonata Forms of Debussy and RavelEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Bisciglia, Sebastiano
On Row-Class Equivalence ClassesEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Tan, Daphne
Ernst Kurth at the Boundary of Music Theory and PsychologyEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Rabinovitch, Gilad
Tracing Galant Threads: Gjerdingen\'s Schemata and the Evolution of Musical Form, 1730-1780Eastman School of Music, University of RochesterJuly 2015
James, Emma R.
Telling Tales: Narrative Semiotics in the Music of Béla BartókEastman School of Music, University of RochesterAugust 2016
Reese, Alan M.
Analytical Approaches to the Middle-Period Compositions of Karol SzymanowskiEastman School of Music, University of RochesterJune 2018
Gonzales-Lizausaba, Oswaldo
A Formalized Analysis of Luciano Berio's Erdenklavier for Piano Solo: An Undulatory ApproachEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, IRCAM, CNRS (Paris)June 1997
Guigue, Didier
Une Étude "pour les Sonorités Opposées": Pour une analyse "orientée objets" de l'oeuvre pour piano de Debussy et de la musique du 20è siècleEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, ParisApril 1996
McCandless, Gregory R.
Rhythm and Meter in the Music of Dream TheaterFlorida State UniversityJanuary 2010
Kelley, Robert T.
Modulo-Seven Transformations in Post-Functional MusicFlorida State UniversityApril 2005
Waters, William J.
A Study of Temporal Change in the Recorded Performances of Igor Stravinsky's, `The Rite of Spring'Florida State UniversityDecember 1995
Johnson, Russell W.
Essais sur les Principes de l'Harmonie by Jean-Adam Serre: An Annotated TranslationFlorida State UniversityNovember 1994
Endrinal, Christopher James Scott
Form and Style in the Music of U2Florida State UniversityApril 2008
Atkinson, Sean E
An Analytical Model for the Study of Multimedia Compositions: A Case Study in Minimalist MusicFlorida State UniversityApril 2009
Smith, Kathleen Biddick
Musical Process in Selected Works by Michael TorkeFlorida State UniversityMay 2009
Hughes, Bryn
Harmonic Expectation in Twelve-Bar Blues ProgressionsFlorida State UniversityAugust 2011
Decker, Gregory J.
The Language of Baroque Opera: Topic, Structure, and Characterization in Handel's Italian-Language OperasFlorida State UniversityApril 2011
Richardson, Mark D.
Igor Stravinsky\'s Agon (1953-57): Pitch-Related Processes in the Serial Movements and Rhythm in the Named Dance Movements Described in De Lauze\'s Apologie de la Danse (1623)Florida State UniversityMay 1996
Ofcarcik, Judith
A Structural-Aesthetic Study of the Variation Movements of Beethoven\'s Late Period\"Florida State UniversityMay 2013
Fankhauser, Gabe
Cadential Intervention and Tonal Expansion in Select Works of Shostakovich
Florida State UniversityDecember 1999
Peterson, John R
Tompkins, Daniel C.
Early Seventeenth-Century Harmonic Practice: A Corpus Study of Tonality, Modality, and Harmonic Function in Italian Secular Song with Baroque Guitar Accompaniment in Alfabeto TablatureFlorida State UniversityMarch 2017
Hibberd, Kristian P. G.
Shostakovich and Bakhtin: A Critical Investigation of the Late Works (1974-1975)Goldsmiths College, University of LondonJune 2005
Searby, Michael D
An investigation of the transformation of compositional process in György Ligeti's music 1974-85, with particular reference to pitch Goldsmiths College. LondonJuly 2006
Vojcic, Aleksandra
Rhythms as Form: Rhythmic Hierarchy in Later Twentieth-Century Piano MusicGraduate Center CUNYJanuary 2009
Slottow, Stephen P.
A Vast Simplicity: Pitch Organization in the works of Carl RugglesGraduate Center, City University of New YorkApril 2001
DeMotta, David J
The Contributions of Earl \"Bud\" Powell to the Modern Jazz StyleGraduate Center, City University of New YorkMay 2015
Kosovsky, Robert
Bernard Herrmann's Radio Music for the Columbia WorkshopGraduate Center, the City University of New YorkSeptember 2000
Varney, John Charles
Colombian Bambuco: The Evolution of a National Music StyleGriffith UniversityJune 1999
Gonzales, Cynthia I.
Text-Music Relationships in the Early Songs of Arnold SchoenbergHarvard UniversityOctober 2005
Gollin, Edward H.
Representations of Space and Conceptions of Distance in Transformational Music TheoriesHarvard UniversityJune 2000
Gosman, Alan R.
Compositional Approaches to Canons from Ockeghem to BrahmsHarvard UniversityAugust 2000
Kurth, Richard B.
Mosaic Isomorphism and Mosaic Polyphony: Balance and Imbalance in Schoenberg's Twelve-tone RhetoricHarvard UniversityApril 1993
Steege, Benjamin A.
Material Ears: Hermann von Helmholtz, Attention, and Modern AuralityHarvard UniversityApril 2007
Greitzer, Mary L
Tormented VoicesHarvard UniversityAugust 2007
Lehman, Frank M
Reading Tonality Through Film: Transformational Hermeneutics and the Music of Hollywood
Harvard UniversityMay 2012
O\'Hara, William E.
The Art of Recomposition: Creativity, Aesthetics, and Music TheoryHarvard UniversityMay 2017
Brover-Lubovsky, Bella
Vivaldi's Harmony: Practice and TheoryHebrew University of Jerusalem, IsraelOctober 2000
Goldenberg, Yosef
Prolongation of Seventh Chords in Tonal MusicHebrew University, JerusalemDecember 2001
Gerlach, Oliver
Im Labyrinth des Oktōīchos — Über die Rekonstruktion einer mittelalterlichen Improvisationspraxis in der Musik der Ost- & WestkircheHumboldt UniversityJuly 2006
Jones, Jr. Melvin E
Key Classes and Textural Dissonance: An Instrument-Specific Study of the Idioms, Textures, and Structures of Selected Early Romantic Music for the Guitar (1799-1850)Indiana UniversityAugust 2004
Bakker, Sara
Playing with Patterns: Isorhythmic Strategies in György Ligeti\'s Late Piano WorksIndiana UniversityApril 2013
Rothstein, Evan J.
The Tradition of Developing Variation and the Problem of ‘Folkloristic’ Music in Ives’s First Violin SonataIndiana UniversityMay 2001
Hook, Julian L.
Uniform Triadic TransformationsIndiana UniversityMay 2002
Burkett, Lyn Ellen Thornblad
Tensile Involvement: Counterpoint and Compositional Pedagogy in the Work of Seeger, Hindemith, and KrenekIndiana UniversityApril 2001
Samplaski, Arthur G.
A Comparison of Perceived Chord Similarity and Predictions of Selected Twentieth-Century Chord-Classification Schemes, Using Multidmensional Scaling and Cluster AnalysisIndiana UniversityApril 2000
Jedlicka, Jason R.
Interpreting Steve Reich\\\'s Later Music (2007-2012)Indiana UniversityNovember 2018
Lai, Eric C.
A Theory of Pitch Organization in the Early Music of Chou Wen-chungIndiana UniversityMay 1994
Buehrer, Theodore E.
An Alternative Pedagogical Paradigm for Aural Skills: An Examination of Constructivist Learning Theory and its Potential for Implementation into Aural Skills CurriculaIndiana UniversityDecember 1998
Wacker, Lori J.
Rhythmic and motivic procedures in selected late works of S.C. Eckhardt-GramatteIndiana UniversityMay 1999
Thurmaier, David P
Time and Compositional Process in Charles Ives's Holidays SymphonyIndiana UniversityMay 2006
Kleppinger, Stanley V
Tonal Coherence in Copland's Music of the 1940sIndiana UniversityMay 2006
Yorgason, Brent
Expressive Asynchrony and Meter: A Study of Dispersal, Downbeat Space, and Metric DriftIndiana UniversityAugust 2009
Oravitz, Michael
Metric Patterning and its Effects on Phrasing and Form in Selected Debussy PreludesIndiana UniversityJuly 2005
Fyr, Kyle R.
Proportion, Temporality, and Performance Issues in Piano Works of John AdamsIndiana UniversityJuly 2011
Michaelsen, Garrett
Analyzing Musical Interaction in Jazz Improvisations of the 1960sIndiana UniversityJuly 2013
Lavacek, Justin
Contrapuntal Confrontation and Expressive Signification in the Motets of MachautIndiana UniversityDecember 2011
Hoag, Melissa E.
Multiply-Directed Moments in the Music of BrahmsIndiana UniversityMay 2008
Lorenz, Ralph
Pedagogical Implications of musica practica in Sixteenth-Century WittenbergIndiana UniversityMarch 1994
Chenette, Timothy K
Counterpoint, Transformations, and Musical Spaces in the Late Sixteenth CenturyIndiana UniversityMay 2013
Ohriner, Mitchell S.
Metz, Andreas
Temporality, Pace, and Formal Structure in Selected Passages from Brahms\'s Adagio GenreIndiana UniversityMay 2014
Sherrill, Paul M.
The Metastasian Da Capo Aria: Moral Philosophy, Characteristic Actions, and Dialogic FormIndiana UniversityMay 2016
Hamm, Chelsey L
Charles Ives and Democracy: Association, Borrowing, and Treatment of Dissonance in His MusicIndiana UniversityDecember 2016
Malawey, Victoria L.
Temporal Process, Repetition, and Voice in Björk's MedúllaIndiana University BloomingtonDecember 2007
Arthurs, Daniel J.
Reconstructing Tonal Principles in the Music of Brad MehldauIndiana University, BloomingtonMay 2011
Balter, Tamara
A Theory of Irony in Music: Types of Irony in the String Quartets of Haydn and Beethoven.
Indiana University, Bloomington (Music Theory)November 2009
Vlagopoulos Panos
Le noble rhetorique: Mental Models in the Song Production of Guillaume de MachautIonion State UniversityJune 1998
Karamahmutoglu, Gulay
Nr:1637 Hamparsum Notation Manuscripts at Istanbul Ataturk LibraryITU Institute of Social ScienceDecember 1999
Post, William D.
Part One: Emanations for Orchestra (original composition); Part Two: Anton Webern and the Golden Ratio: Temporal Proportions as a Formative Principle in Three Late Works, Opp. 27-29.Kent State UniversityMay 2007
Ballard, Jack D., Jr.
Part One: The Castle (Ballet for Large Orchestra) and Part Two: Hyperextended Chord Tones: Chromatic Consonance in a Tertian ContextKent State UniversityDecember 2008
Blom-Smith, Richard N. W.
A Theory of Accent in Tonal Music with an Assessment of Selected Modern AccentologiesKing's College London, University of LondonApril 1994
Judd, Cristle Collins
Aspects of Tonal Coherence in the Motets of JosquinKing's College, University of LondonJanuary 1993
Giovinazzo, Joseph
Timbral Design of Primary Melody in the First Movement of Bartok's Concerto for OrchestraLa Trobe UniversityJune 1992
Boland, Marguerite M
The All-Trichord Hexachord: Compositional Strategies in Elliott Carter's "Con Leggerezza" and "Gra".La Trobe University, Melbourne, AustraliaDecember 1999
Johnson, Barrett A
An Original Composition, Galleria Armonica, Theme and Variations for Piano, Harpsichord, Harp and Orchestra and A Comparative Study Between the Pedagogical Methodologies of Arnold Schoenberg and Nadia Boulanger Regarding Training the ComposerLouisiana State UniversityNovember 2007
Cvetkov, Vasil A.
Louisiana State University December 2010
Bradford, Wesley J
Developing a Mathematically Informed Approach to Musical Narrative through the Analysis of Three Twentieth-Century Monophonic Woodwind WorksLouisiana State UniversityJune 2016
Hudlow, Adam M.
Steenstra, Sytze G.
We Are The Noise Between Stations: A philosophical exploration of the work of David Byrne, at the crossroads of popular mediaMaastricht University, The NetherlandsJune 2003
Stocken, Frederick
Anton Bruckner and Simon Sechter's Fundamental Bass TheoryManchester University, UKDecember 2007
Wright, James K.
Schoenberg, Wittgenstein, and the Vienna Circle: Epistemological Meta-Themes in Harmonic Theory, Aesthetics, and Logical PositivismMcGill UniversityFebruary 2002
Harley, Maria, A.
Space and spatialization in contemporary music: History and analysis, ideas and implementationsMcGill UniversityJune 1994
Leydon, Rebecca V.
Narrative Strategies and Debussy's Late StyleMcGill UniversityDecember 1996
MacKay, James S.
Motivic Structure and Tonal Organization in Selected Motets of William ByrdMcGill UniversityAugust 1999
Scrivener, Julie A.
Representations of Time and Space in the Player Piano Studies of Conlon NancarrowMichigan State UniversityMay 2002
Ayotte, Benjamin McKay
Incomplete Ursatzformen Transferences in the Vocal Music of Heinrich SchenkerMichigan State UniversityMay 2008
Dolenko, Elena
Schoenberg. The Early Years. [Molodoy Schoenberg]Moscow State Tchaikovsky ConservatoryMay 2003
O Maidin, Donncha Sean
A Programmer's Environment for Music AnalysisNational University of Ireland at University College CorkOctober 1995
Crownfield, Elizabeth E.
The Intellectual Backgrounds of Morley's Plaine and Easie IntroductionNew York UniversityJanuary 2000
Rosenhaus, Steven L.
Harmonic Motion in George Perle's Wind Quintet No.4New York UniversityMay 1995
Sabin, Robert W
NWAMARA, Alvan-Ikoku Okwudiri
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. NigeriaAugust 2008
Grossman, E. Lary
Fugal Procedures in the Symphonies of Joseph HaydnNorthwestern UniversityDecember 1993
Sandell, Gregory, J.
Concurrent Timbres in Orchestration: A Perceptual Study of Factors Determining 'Blend'Northwestern UniversityDecember 1991
Luchese, Diane
Olivier Messiaen's Slow Music: Glimpses of Eternity in TimeNorthwestern UniversityMay 1998
Joichi, Janet M.
Closure, Context, and Hierarchical Grouping in Music: A Theoretical and Empirical InvestigationNorthwestern UniversityJune 2006
Chor, Ives
Cognitive Frameworks for the Production of Musical RhythmNorthwestern UniversityJune 2010
Palfy, Cora S.
Musical Agency as Intersubjective PhenomenonNorthwestern UniversityApril 2015
Bourne, Janet E
A Theory of Analogy for Musical Sense-Making and Categorization: Understanding Musical JabberwockyNorthwestern UniversityMay 2015
Lapidaki, Eleni
Consistency of Tempo Judgments as a Measure of Time Experience in Music ListeningNorthwestern University, School of MusicJune 1996
Collaros, Pandel, L.
Quanti-MAS: A Quantitative System of Melodic AnalysisOhio State UniversityDecember 1996
Vurkaç, Mehmet
Prestructuring Multilayer Perceptrons based on Information-Theoretic Modeling of a Partido-Alto-based Grammar for Afro-Brazilian Music: Enhanced Generalization and Principles of Parsimony, including an Investigation of Statistical ParadigmsPortland State UniversityDecember 2011
Kievman, Carson
Ockeghem and Ligeti: The Music of TranscendencePrinceton UniversityJune 2003
Rubin, Anna, I.
Forêt Profonde: The Narrative, Sonic and Reception Design of Francis Dhomont's Forêt ProfondePrinceton UniversityJanuary 1999
Seltzer, Linda, A.
The Unblinking Eye, Literary Theory in the Analysis of Debussy's Pelleas et MelisandePrinceton University 0000
Nelson, Mark, D
Quieting the Mind, Manifesting Mind: The Zen Buddhist Roots of John Cage's Early Chance-Determined and Indeterminate CompositionsPrinceton UniversityFebruary 1995
Cohen, Gilad
Expansive Rock: Large-Scale Structure in the Music of Pink FloydPrinceton UniversityJune 2015
Walker, Jonathan
The Work-Concept in Music and Musicology: A Philosophical Study." (provisional title) Queen's University Belfast, School of Music, 1996Queen's University BelfastSeptember 1996
Djordjevic, Michael, L.
Discrete Tone Relations Determined by the Hearing Phenomenon within Five-Dimensional Sound-Musical ContinuumRadio Belgrade, Hilandarska 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, YUJune 1995
Byron, Avior
Schoenberg as Performer: An Aesthetics in PracticeRoyal Holloway, University of LondonJune 2007
Romig, James
Twelve-Tone Rhythmic Structure and its Application to Form: Time-Point Nesting and Rotation in 'Spin'Rutgers UniversityApril 2000
Wilkinson, Carlton J.
Symphony in Five Movements: A Presentation and Analytical Discussion of a New Work in a Symphonic FormRutgers, The State University of New JerseyJanuary 1995
Nicholson, G. Gordon
The Experience of Successful Contemporary Classical Musical Composition for Non-Computer-Assisted Performance: A Qualitative StudySaybrook Institute, San Francisco, CANovember 1997
Kuusi, Tuire
Set-Class and Chord: Examining Connection between Theoretical Resemblance and Perceived ClosenessSibelius AcademyNovember 2001
Laurson, Mikael
"PATCHWORK: A Visual Programming Language and some Musical Applications"Sibelius AcademyApril 1996
Castren, Marcus
RECREL: A Similarity Measure for Set-ClassesSibelius AcademyDecember 1994
Väisälä, Olli
Prolongation in Early Post-Tonal Music: Analytical Examples and Theoretical PrinciplesSibelius AcademyJune 2004
Ilomäki, Tuukka
On the Similarity of Twelve-Tone RowsSibelius AcademyApril 2008
Igoudin, Lane
Impact of MIDI on Electroacoustic Art MusicStanford UniversityJune 1997
Moreno, Enrique I.
Embedding Equal Pitch Spaces and The Question Of ExpandedStanford UniversityDecember 1995
Reid, Leah C
Composing Timbre Spaces, Composing Timbre in Space: An Exploration of the Possibilities of Multidimensional Timbre Representations and their Compositional ApplicationsStanford UniversityJune 2013
Konov Yavor S.
The first treatise of harpsichord "Les Principes du Clavecin" by Saint Lambert (Paris, M. DCCII)State Academy of MusicSeptember 1997
Cuciurean, John D.
A Theory of Pitch, Rhythm, and Intertextual Allusion for the Late Music of György LigetiState University of New York at BuffaloAugust 2000
Hill, David S.
The Persistence of Memory: Mode, Trope, and Difference in the Passion ChoraleSUNY at Stony BrookApril 1994
Cahn, Steven J.
Variations in Manifold Time: Historical Consciousness in the Music and Writings of Arnold SchoenbergSUNY at Stony BrookAugust 1996
Kochavi, Jonathan, H.
Contextually Defined Musical TransformationsSUNY BuffaloApril 2002
Kwan, Kenneth
Compositional Design in Recent Works of Chou Wen ChungSUNY BuffaloSeptember 1995
Foulkes-Levy, Laurdella
A Synthesis of Recent Theories of Tonal Melody, Contour, and the Diatonic Scale: Implications for Aural Perception and CognitionSUNY BuffaloSeptember 1996
Klein, Michael
A Theoretical Study of the Late Music of Witold Lutoslawski: New Interactions of Pitch, Rhythm, and FormSUNY BuffaloMay 1995
Lerch, Alexander
Software-Based Extraction of Objective Parameters from Music PerformancesTechnical University BerlinNovember 2008
Noll, Thomas
Morphologische Grundlagen der abendlaendischen Harmonik (Morphological Foundations of Occidental Harmony)Technical University of BerlinJuly 1995
Hoffmann, Peter
Music Out of Nothing? A Rigorous Approach to Algorithmic Composition by Iannis XenakisTechnische UniversitDecember 2009
Castine, Peter
Set Theory Objects: Abstractions for Computer-Aided Analysis and Composition of Serial and Atonal MusicTechnische Universitaet BerlinJanuary 1994
Hoffmann, Peter
Music Out of Nothing? The Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis: a Rigorous Approach to Algorithmic Composition by Iannis XenakisTechnische Universitaet BerlinJanuary 1998
Pausina, Melissa A
"Bartleby": An Intertextual Music Drama.Temple UniversityJanuary 2010
Forrest, David L.
Prolongation in the Choral Music of Benjamin BrittenTexas Tech UniversityMay 2009
Fung, Eric W.M.
The Performance of Chopin's First Movement of Piano Sonata in B Minor, op. 58: A Schenkerian ApproachThe Chinese University of Hong KongJune 1995
Weisser, Benedict J.
Notational Practice in Contemporary Music: A Critique of Three Compositional Models (Luciano Berio, John Cage, and Brian Ferneyhough)The City University of New YorkJuly 1998
Carter, Chandler
The Progress in "The Rake's" ReturnThe City University of New YorkJanuary 1995
Rudman, Jessica L.
Common-tone Preserving Contextual Inversions in the Music of Ellen Taaffe ZwilichThe Graduate Center, City University of New YorkApril 2015
Behrens, Lisa, S.
Cyclic Pitch Organization in the Twelve-Tone Works of Aaron CoplandThe Graduate Center, CUNYOctober 2012
Lin, Wei-Chieh
In Search of Time: Musical Time and Form in Dérive 2 by Pierre BoulezThe Juilliard SchoolMay 2012
Telesco, Paula J.
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