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rev. 02 February 2009
Tim Koozin


Music Theory Online was launched experimentally in March 1993.  Between then and December 1994, issues 0.1 through 0.11 were published.  its permanent status was marked in January 1995 with the publication of Volume 1.1.  MTO issues typically contain one or two articles, commentaries on articles from previous issues, reviews, notices of job vacancies in the field of music theory, notices of new dissertations (both completed and in progress), announcements of conferences and calls for papers, and correspondence.

MTO is peer reviewed and is indexed in RILM, Music Index, and other periodical indexes.

MTO is accessible free of charge through the World-Wide Web.  MTO subscribers automatically receive special announcements of new issues.

The moderated listserv mto-talk is solely for discussion of items that have appeared in MTO. New MTO subscribers are automatically added to the mto-talk mailing list and automatically receive postings to mto-talk. Subscribers to MTO and mto-talk can also post their own items to mto-talk.

Non-subscribers to MTO may access MTO via the World-Wide Web, but will not receive the TOC mailings, calls for items, and other general announcements about the journal.  Non-subscribers to MTO do not receive postings to mto-talk, nor can they post their own items to mto-talk.  We therefore encourage all readers to subscribe to mto-list, which may be done through a Web form available via a link on the Subscriber Services page.

If you value MTO and other free SMT networking services (e.g. smt-list, mto-talk, the SMT bibliographic database), please take a few moments and join SMT by filling out and submitting a Web form for joining the Society. Membership grants a number of benefits which non-members do not enjoy. A special section of the SMT home page covers SMT Membership.

The Society for Music Theory also publishes the print journal Music Theory Spectrum, which is included in SMT membership. Spectrum is produced by the journals division of the University of California Press.