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rev. 21 November 2006
Brent Yorgason

Commentaries on MTO articles are of two types:

Brief (less than 80 lines of text) responses to MTO articles (or to other MTO commentaries) should be sent to mto-talk, MTO's moderated listserv.

Only subscribers to MTO may post to mto-talk.  You may become an official MTO subscriber by subscribing to mto-list and mto-talk. Once you are sure you are subscribed to MTO, you can submit your posting. As mto-talk is a moderated listserv, be sure to include your full name, address or institutional affiliation, and email address at the end of the response.  Posts for mto-talk should be sent to the following address:

Longer, in-depth responses to MTO articles (or to other responses) may be published in the Commentaries section of an upcoming MTO issue.  They should be prepared following the Guidelines for Contributors.