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File Upload Form

Form by Lee Rothfarb
rev. 18 November 2006
Brent Yorgason

This form may be used to submit articles and accompanying files to MTO. (Please refer to the Author Guidelines for information on the proper format for MTO submissions.) Article text may be submitted as plain text, HTML, Word or WordPerfect files, PDF files, or any other common text format. Musical examples should normally be sent as GIF or JPG files or as Finale or Sibelius files (either Windows or Macintosh formats are acceptable). Contact the editor regarding other multimedia formats. To help ensure compatibility as your files move between systems, please check that your file names contain only letters, digits, and the period (no spaces or other non-alphanumeric characters please). 

For each file, either type the full pathname in the space provided, or click the Browse button and locate the file on your computer using the window that appears. When you have selected all of your files, click the Upload File(s) button. If you have more than eight files to upload, simply complete the form a second time. The editor will be alerted that you have uploaded files for review. There is a 10 MB file size limit for individual uploads. You may also contact the editor at if you have additional comments regarding your submission.

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