A brief note about the examples:

  1. The sound files should be listened to at a high volume if possible. This is how they are typically experienced, and some of the sounds involved rely on acoustic resonance to achieve their full effect.
  2. In general, the written examples represent portions of the audio files rather than the complete file.
  3. The transcriptions represent an attempt to balance precision and completeness with clarity and concision. Thus, I have not transcribed every aspect of the excerpts (for example, timbral changes are not shown), and the notation is occasionally "idealized" in minor ways (e.g., very small variations in timing such as those that occur with "swung" rhythms are not shown).

Also, please note that the audio file for Example 1a (below) begins with a sampled sound, first heard near the end of the previous track, that fades out as the sounds shown below begin to emerge. Since the present discussion will be concerned with displacement dissonance, it will focus on the sounds shown in the example, which begin about five seconds into the file.

Example 1a.  The Chemical Brothers, "Piku" [RealAudio 56K / LAN ]