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Volume 9, Number 2, July 2003
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Peter Silberman (University of Rochester)
Post-Tonal Improvisation in the Aural Skills Classroom
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Alfred Cramer (Pomona College)
The Harmonic Function of the Altered Octave in Early Atonal Music of Schoenberg and Webern: Demonstrations Using Auditory Streaming
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Employment Opportunities

New Dissertations

  • Goldenberg, Yosef. "Prolongation of Seventh Chords in Tonal Music." Hebrew University, Jerusalem, September 2001.
  • BaileyShea, Matthew L. "The Wagnerian Satz: The Rhetoric of the Sentence in Wagner'sPost-Lohengrin Operas." Yale University, May 2003.

Book Review

Judy Lochhead (Stony Brook University)
Review of Ellie M. Hisama, Gendering Musical Modernism: The Music of Ruth Crawford, Marion Bauer, and Miriam Gideon
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001)
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