Example 5a. Unusual features of Tchaikovsky’s Bflat minor Piano Concerto (1874), which may have provided the bases for Nikolai Rubinstein’s negative criticisms, followed by possible “programmatic” explanations relating to his romantic relationship with Artôt.

I. First movement: 5a | 5b | 5c | 5d | 5e | 5f   II. Second movement: 5g | 5h | 5i | 5j   III. Third movement: 5k | 5l

a.    Opens with extended “introduction” whose basic key of Dflat major is NOT the expected tonic of Bflat minor, and whose theme NEVER recurs in its original form. — Opening section constitues an “exposition” of Tchaikovsky’s own acronym ^5 ^3 ^2 ^1, first in tonic and then in the “Love Key” of Dflat major (in association with Artôt’s acronym).