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We feature three articles and a book review in our second MTO volume of 2006. We also offer dynamic listings for job announcements, upcoming conferences, calls for papers, new dissertations, and new books. These web pages are updated automatically as soon as we receive and approve any new listing. Readers can check the MTO listings at any time to find current information on recent announcements. We also have links for submitting announcements and welcome new listings to keep our postings current.

In this volume:

Yosef Goldenberg explains how expanded phrase structures in Classic and Romantic music may convey an extra-musical quality of insistence or obstinacy in “A Musical Gesture of Growing Obstinacy.”

Scott Murphy explores the imagery and voice leading associated with tritone triadic progressions in science fiction film music in “The Major Tritone Progression in Recent Hollywood Science Fiction Films.”

Ronald Woodley studies a special form of inflected semitone motion termed the ‘chromatic semitone’ in theoretical texts from the 14th and 15th centuries. His article, “Sharp Practice in the Later Middle Ages: Exploring the Chromatic Semitone and its Implications,” includes sound files to illustrate the phenomenon as discussed in writings from Marchetto of Padua through Tinctoris.

David H. Smyth reviews Stravinsky’s Histoire du soldat: A Facsimile of the Sketches, edited by Maureen A. Carr (A-R Editions, 2005).

Listings of employment opportunities, calls for papers, conference announcements, new dissertations, and new books, in a continually updated dynamic format.

Submissions to MTO are welcome at any time. We encourage readers to post their reactions to this issue’s articles and review. The mto-talk email list is available to MTO subscribers (subscription is free) for online discussion of any MTO-related topic. To post to mto-talk, simply send an email message to mto-talk@societymusictheory.org . Longer responses may be submitted to the Editor for publication in the Commentary section of the next issue.

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