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MTO volume 13.2 features two articles, a commentary, and two review essays. The issue also lists current announcements of jobs, conferences, new dissertations, and new books.

In this issue:

Michael Buchler critically examines the structure of Klumpenhouwer networks and their use in musical analysis in “Reconsidering Klumpenhouwer Networks.” A group of responses to this article is already in preparation for the 13.3 issue, with contributors including Gretchen Foley, Henry Klumpenhouwer, Catherine Losada, Scott Murphy, Catherine Nolan, Shaugn O’Donnell, and Philip Stoecker.

In “Cognitive Dissonance and the Performer's Inner Conflict: A New Perspective on the First Movement of Beethoven's Op. 101,” Amanda Stringer Sauer revisits Robert Hatten's reading of the movement and offers an alternative interpretation. She proposes that Beethoven's performance instructions may be purposefully counterintuitive, creating experiences of psychological frustration that shape the experience of the music.

Avior Byron and Matthias Pasdzierny contribute a Commentary essay that continues Avior Byron's February 2006 MTO study of Sprechstimme in Pierrot lunaire. The essay documents statements in Schoenberg's correspondence that suggest his views on interpretation in Sprechstimme changed as recorded performances became available.

Gabe Fankhauser and Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass review Theory for Today's Musician by Ralph Turek (McGraw-Hill, 2007).

Bruce Quaglia reviews two works, Sounding Off: Theorizing Disability in Music, edited by Neil Lerner and Joseph Straus (Routledge, 2006) and the article by Joseph Straus, “Normalizing the Abnormal: Disability in Music and Music Theory” in Journal of the American Musicological Society 59/1 (2006).

Also included are listings of employment opportunities, calls for papers, conference announcements, new dissertations, and new books, in a continually updated dynamic format.

Submissions to MTO are welcome at any time. We invite full-length articles, shorter commentaries, and innovative electronic formats. Comments in response to this issue’s articles may be submitted to the Editor for publication in the next issue.

Our dynamic listings for job announcements, upcoming conferences, calls for papers, new dissertations, and new books are updated automatically as soon as we receive and approve any new listing. Readers can check the MTO listings at any time to find current information on recent announcements. We also have links for submitting announcements and welcome new listings to keep our postings current.

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