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Volume 15 Numbers 5, October 2009
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Kyle Adams
(Indiana University)
On the Metrical Techniques of Flow in Rap Music
Michael Berry
(Texas Tech University)
The Importance of Bodily Gesture in Sofia Gubaidulina’s Music for Low Strings
Tuire Kuusi
(Sibelius Academy)
Discrimination and Evaluation of Trichords
Joti Rockwell
(Pomona College)
Birdcage Flights: A Perspective on Inter-Cardinality Voice Leading

Employment Opportunities

New Dissertations

  • Antonio Jardim, "Music: vigency of poetical thinking." UFRJ Doctor in Poetics, December 1997.
  • Smith, Kathleen Biddick, "Musical Process in Selected Works by Michael Torke." Florida State University, May 2009.


Donald G. Traut
(University of Arizona)
Dyadic TC Lattices: Revisiting the TC/IS Relationship

Book Review

Daniel Shanahan
(Trinity College Dublin)
Review of Aniruddh D. Patel, Music, Language, and the Brain
(Oxford University Press, 2008)


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