Figure 1. Segmentation (scene list) for Frankenstein

Released 1931, Universal Pictures; producer: Carl Laemmle; director: James Whale; 
Frankenstein (jr.) or Henry: Colin Clive; Frankenstein (sr.) or The Baron: Frederick Kerr; 
Elizabeth: Mae Clarke; Fritz: Dwight Frye; The Monster: Boris Karloff; Dr. Waldman: 
Edward van Sloan; Victor: John Boles; Music: David Broekman (uncredited); length: c.69:30.

Key to abbreviations:
   ECU  = extreme closeup
   CU   = closeup
   MS   = medium shot
   LS   = long shot
   ELS  = extreme long shot
I. Preliminaries
1. Prologue
      0:55    (=approximate duration of segment)
2. Main titles
      1:05     with music
II. Background exposition; "birth" of the Monster
3. Graveyard
      3:15     /bells?/
   A burial; Henry and Fritz steal the body
comment: all too obvious reverberation from studio walls here (later, as well). 
Many jump cuts in the imagetrack (as when Henry leans on coffin and says "he’s resting"—
doesn’t follow to LS that’s next. (jump cuts are especially prominent later in the "light" 
scene with Henry, Dr. Waldman, and the Monster.)
4. On the path (Henry and Fritz)
   They steal another body
  <long fade to black>
5. Goldstadt Medical College
   Fritz steals a medical specimen (a criminal’s brain)
  <long fade to black>
6. Elizabeth’s home (she and Victor)
   She receives a letter from Henry (her fiancée) and is determined to visit him in his lab)
comment: Realistic (and atypical) microphone "cuts" in this scene—distant with reverberation 
from the walls in (E)LS of room, but closer, less resonant with MS, CUs that follow.
7. dissolve to Dr. Waldman’s study
   They discuss the situation, resolve to visit Henry
  <long fade to black>
8. Abandoned watchtower
      11:15    sound effects
   a. Henry and Fritz in laboratory               (2:45)
      They prepare for their experiment; noise throughout
   b. Visitors (Elizabeth, Victor, Dr. Waldman)   (3:15)
             (storm, knocks)
   c. The experiment                              (5:15)
             (instruments "sizzling")
       The Monster is "born."
  <long fade to black>
III. Conflict; the Monster escapes
9. Baron’s home
   The Baron discusses the postponed wedding with Elizabeth, Victor, and the Burgomaster; 
   The Baron resolves to visit Henry himself.
  <long fade to black> 
10. Henry in watchtower apartment (later Dr. Waldman, Monster, Fritz)
    Henry shows the Monster light for the first time; the Monster is docile; 
    but Fritz torments him with fire.
  <long fade to black>
11. The enraged Monster in dungeon
12. Dr., Henry go down to dungeon; visitors (Victor, Elizabeth, Baron)
    The Monster kills Fritz; Henry and the Dr. drug the Monster; Henry collapses
  <long fade to black>
13. Dr. and Monster in the lab
    The Monster awakens, kills the Dr., and escapes
  <long fade to black>
IV. The Wedding; search for the Monster
14. Henry and Elizabeth in garden
    They resolve to hold the wedding soon.
  <long fade to black>
15. Wedding
    a. In Baron’s house, then crowd outside, cut to dances at 2:45 and general celebration
      (bells; crowd noise; music for dances 
      (abruptly out with cut)
comment: crowd noise and music indeterminate physical location. At beginning of return 
to this (after Monster kills Maria), knee slaps do seem to be coordinated and 
located on dancers).
   b. Dissolve to Monster in woods at 3:15; Maria and her father; Maria and the Monster
      The befuddled Monster drowns Maria and goes away.
   c. Dissolve back to square and dancing at 6:00 
comment: lap dissolve but music comes in very roughly
   d. Inside the house (Henry and Elizabeth) at 6:45;
      search for the Monster; Monster and Elizabeth
      Elizabeth tells Henry of premonitions; message comes that the Monster has escaped; 
      he is heard in the house; he surprises Elizabeth, then escapes again
   e. Outside at 11:00 (dancing; father with Maria; Burgomaster)  
      Maria’s father carries her into town; the celebrants stop as he passes by them; 
      he confronts the Burgomaster a little later) more dance music and bells 
      (music out as dancers stop; bells out)
   f. Dissolve to house at 12:40 (Henry, Victor)
      Henry tells Victor that he (Henry) is responsible for the Monster and therefore must 
      lead the search to find and destroy it.
16. Dissolve to Burgomaster again (scene as in 15e)
      The search is organized and begins
17. Search continues: windmill
      The Monster finds Henry, carries him off to the windmill; they fight; 
      Henry falls from windmill; the citizens burn the windmill and kill the Monster.
  <long fade to black>
V. The Postlude; end titles
18. Baron’s house (Baron talking with maids)
       Henry will recover, says the Baron.
19. End title and cast.
      0:30     music