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       M U S I C          T H E O R Y         O N L I N E
                     A Publication of the
                   Society for Music Theory
         Copyright (c) 1994 Society for Music Theory
| Volume 0, Number 10   September, 1994    ISSN:  1067-3040   |
  General Editor                          Lee Rothfarb
  Co-Editors                              Dave Headlam
                                          Justin London
                                          Ann McNamee
  Reviews Editor                          Claire Boge
  Consulting Editors
	Bo Alphonce		   Thomas Mathiesen
	Jonathan Bernard	   Ann McNamee
	John Clough		   Benito Rivera
	Nicholas Cook		   John Rothgeb
	Allen Forte		   Arvid Vollsnes
	Marianne Kielian-Gilbert   Robert Wason
	Stephen Hinton		   Gary Wittlich
  Editorial Assistant              Cynthia Gonzales
  All queries to: mto-editor@husc.harvard.edu
                         * * CONTENTS * *
AUTHOR AND TITLE                                 FILENAMES
1. Target Articles                          
a. William Renwick                               mto.94.0.10.renwick.art
"A Subject of Four Notes":  William Crotch's Experiment in Motivic Saturation
     Accompanying files:                         mto.94.0.10.renwick1.gif
b. Brian Robison                                 mto.94.0.10.robison.art
Modifying Interval-Class Vectors of Large Collections
  to Reflect Registral Proximity Among Pitches
     Accompanying files:                         mto.94.0.10.robison1.gif
2. Commentaries
Jay Rahn					mto.94.0.10.rahn.tlk
Reply to Smoliar's "Mathematical Logic"
Stephen Smoliar					mto.94.0.10.smoliar.tlk
Mathematical Logic: Response to Jay Rahn
3. Announcements                                 mto.94.0.10.ann
a.  FINALE Discussion List 
b.  Call for Papers:  Perspectives on the Arts and Technology 
c.  Music Instruction Software WWW Page
d.  Among the Voices: Bernard Rands Symposium at Brigham Young Univeristy
4. New Dissertations                             mto.94.0.10.dis
a. Benoit, John R., "An Alternative Model of Fundamental Structure
   in Selected Lieder by Franz Schubert," Univ. of Texas, Austin,
   1994 2. Castine, Peter, *Set Theory Objects* (published version) 
b. Dodds, Michael. R. "The Seventeenth-Century Church Keys in
     Theory and Practice."  Eastman School of Music, in progress 
c. Essl, Karlheinz.  "Anton Webern's Idea of Synthesis." University
     of Vienna, 1989 (in German) 
d. Lipscomb, Scott, "Perceptual judgment of the symbiosis between musical
   and visual components in film." Masters Thesis, UCLA, 1990 
e. Lipscomb, Scott, "Cognition of musical and visual accent structure
   alignment in film and animation," UCLA, 1995
5. Communications
A.  New Home for SMT Networking
B.  MTO Items
C.  SMT and MTO
A.  New Home for SMT Networking
This issue of MTO (0.10) marks the first prepared from what will
become the main administration and distribution site of SMT 
networking operations, University of California, Santa Barbara.  
As announced in a recent message to the SMT Email Conference, 
over the course of this academic year all software and associated 
data files will be transferred to a machine (a Sun Microsystems 
Sparc Workstation) purchased by UCSB in order to host SMT 
networking.  In addition to the machine and accompanying equipment 
(tape drive, CD-ROM, external 1GB disk), UCSB has also provided 
funds for a scanner (Hewlett Packard ScanJet) to create GIFs.  We 
are grateful for UCSB's generous support of our networking 
MTO Subscribers will be notified about new addresses and procedures
as the transfer to UCSB takes place.  Until the transfer is complete, 
the familiar HUSC machine (Harvard University Science Center) will 
continue to host the operations.  The FileServer addresses thus 
1. listproc@husc.harvard.edu
   for subscribing, unsubscribing, and setting subscriber options
2. mto-serv@husc.harvard.edu
   for ordering MTO items, documentation, and software through the 
   MTO FileServer
3. mto-editor@husc.harvard.edu
   for contacting the editor
4. fas.harvard.edu
   for retrieving MTO items with FTP
5. fas-gopher.harvard.edu
The FTP site, formerly husc4.harvard.edu, is now fas.harvard.edu.  
Once logged in (using "anonymous" as login and your email address
as password), for documentation change to the "docs" directory 
(type:  cd pub/smt/mto/docs); for the current and back issues, 
change to the "issues" directory (type:  cd pub/smt/mto/issues),
and then to the directory containing the desired items; and for 
software, change to the "software" directory (type:
cd pub/smt/mto/software).  Items may be read or retrieved with
the Harvard Gopher (fas-gopher.harvard.edu).  Choose item 12 from
the initial menu (Publications and News), and item 1 from the next 
menu (SMT).
B.  MTO Items
One month prior to the publication of each MTO issue, and then again
two weeks prior to publication, calls for MTO items are broadcast
to subscribers.  Submission categories are:
		1.  Commentaries on past MTO essays
		2.  Dissertation notices
		3.  Empolyment notices
		4.  General announcements
Dissertation and employment notices must be submitted in the format 
included in the call for postings.  Please follow the format, and 
limit the line length to a maximum of 65 characters.  Commentaries
should be prepared according to the author guidelines (given in
the file authors.txt).  General announcements have no set form but
should adhere to the 65-character line length, and should include
all relevant information (deadlines, fees, contact person[s],
addresses, fax and voice telephone numbers, email addresses).
Those wishing to submit items for MTO may do so at any time.  Any
items received after the deadline for the next issue will be
included in the following one.
C.  SMT and MTO
At its annual national meeting in early November, the Society for 
Music Theory will discuss granting MTO official recognition as a
Society publication, alongside the existing print journal *Music
Theory Spectrum*.  An ad hoc Networking Committee drafted a proposal
for consideration by the SMT Publications Committee and the
Executive Board.  Should the proposal be adopted, prescribed
administrative and editorial mechanisms for MTO will take effect,
and staff members will be appointed to various posts.  Additional
staff will make it easier--will first make it possible--for MTO to 
consider offering a multi-media version of the journal on the 
World-Wide Web, which will require supplementary editorial 
assistance, as well as storage sites other than the UCSB machine.
The November issue of MTO will carry an announcement about SMT's
action on the proposal.
6. Copyright Statement
   1.  Retrieving MTO Items (with mto-serv and FTP)
   2.  Subscribing to MTO
   3.  Retrieving MTO Documentation
   4.  Queries and Communications
Items are retrieved by sending an email message to the MTO FileServer,
mto-serv, or through anonymous FTP (see below).  To use the FileServer,
send a message to one of the following two addresses:
	mto-serv@husc.harvard.edu	(Internet)
	mto-serv@husc.bitnet		(Bitnet)
Leave the "Subject:" line blank and as the body of the message include
the following lines (no personal letterheads or signatures!):
path YourEmailAddress	  (Bitnet addresses *must* include .BITNET)
send Item		  (specify item, as listed below)
send Item		  (additional "send" lines, if desired)
After the word "path," enter your full email address (Bitnet users
must include .BITNET).  Be *sure* to include the word "path" 
followed by a valid email address.  Without the "path" line, mto-serv 
will not know where to deliver requested items.  To retrieve items
from the *current* issue of MTO, after the word "send," replace "Item" 
with the one of the following options:
articles	(= main article[s])
gifs		(= musical examples)
reviews		(= review[s])
commentaries	(= commentaries on past MTO articles)
dissertations	(= dissertation listings)
announcements	(= announcements)
jobs		(= job listings)
package		(= all the above items, in a single package)
toc		(= current table of contents)
path john_doe@husc.harvard.edu
send package
Subscribers with restricted emailbox space should be careful when
using the "package" option.  A full issue of MTO, text and musical
examples, can be quite large and may "crash" an emailbox of limited
size.  It may be safer to request a few files at a time, and to remove
them from the emailbox before requesting more files.
For instructions on retrieving items from back issues, or complete 
back issues of MTO, consult the document "mto-guide.txt" (see below,
on retrieving MTO documentation).
MTO items may also be retrieved through anonymous FTP.  The site is: 
fas.harvard.edu).  Use "anonymous" as loginID and your email address 
as password.  Change to the directory pub/smt/mto (with the command: 
cd pub/smt/mto).  The file mto.current contains all items constituting 
the current issue; toc.current is the most recent table of contents.  
The individual items of the current issue have filenames that begin 
as follows:  mto.yy.v.i, where "yy" is the last two digits of the 
current year; "v" is the current volume number; and "i" is the current 
issue number (example: mto.94.0.6).  Refer to the MTO Guide for further 
To subscribe to MTO, send an email message to one of the following
"listproc" addresses:
	listproc@husc.harvard.edu	(Internet)
	listproc@husc.bitnet		(Bitnet)
Leave the "Subject:" line blank and as the text of the message include 
the following single line (no personal letterheads or signatures!): 
subscribe mto-list YourFirstName YourLastName
You will receive a message confirming your subscription.  Once the 
subscription is confirmed, to receive the MTO Guide send a message to 
one of the "listproc" addresses shown above, and as the body of the
message include the single line:  information mto-list
To cancel a subscription, send the following single line to one of the 
"listproc" addresses (not to mto-serv!):  unsubscribe mto-list
[NOTE:  Do not send email to the "listproc" addresses for anything
other than initiating and terminating subscriptions to MTO.  Further,
do not send email to mto-list@husc.  mto-list is solely for broadcasting
MTO to its subscribers, *not* for communication among subscribers, nor 
for retrieving MTO items (done with mto-serv), nor for communication
with the Editor (address above).  Please do not send mail to 
mto-list@husc, *nor* use a "reply" command on email distributed through 
Several MTO explanatory documents are available through mto-serv:
mto-guide.txt (the MTO Guide, also retrievable from "listproc")
   Instructions for
	a. subscribing to MTO
	b. retrieving MTO items (articles, reviews,
	   commentaries, musical examples, and figures)
	c. posting items in MTO (announcements, jobs, dissertations)
	d. searching the MTO database
   Guidelines for authors
   MTO editorial policy
   List of available software (IBM and Mac) for MTO
   subscribers, and instructions for retrieving the
   List of all files in the MTO archive (updated regularly)
To retrieve any of these documents, send an email message to one of 
the "mto-serv" addresses (not to the "listproc" addresses!), and use 
the format shown above ("path" line with full email address, and one 
or more "send" lines specifying the desired document[s]).  For example, 
to retrieve the document called "software.txt," address a message to 
mto-serv and as the body of the message include only the following two 
lines (no personal letterheads or signatures!):
path john_doe@husc.harvard.edu    (Bitnet addresses must include .BITNET)
send software.txt
send authors.txt		  (additional "send" lines for more items)
The words "path" (followed by an email address) and "send" (followed
by the desired item) *must* appear.
Send all queries and communications (announcements, letters to
the Editor, etc.) to one of the following addresses:
	mto-editor@husc.harvard.edu	(Internet)
	mto-editor@husc.bitnet		(Bitnet)
Copyright Statement
[1] Music Theory Online (MTO) as a whole is Copyright (c) 1994,
all rights reserved, by the Society for Music Theory, which is
the owner of the journal.  Copyrights for individual items 
published in MTO are held by their authors.  Items appearing in 
MTO may be saved and stored in electronic or paper form, and may be 
shared among individuals for purposes of scholarly research or 
discussion, but may *not* be republished in any form, electronic or 
print, without prior, written permission from the author(s), and 
advance notification of the editors of MTO.
[2] Any redistributed form of items published in MTO must
include the following information in a form appropriate to
the medium in which the items are to appear:
	This item appeared in Music Theory Online
	It was authored by [FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS],
	with whose written permission it is reprinted 
[3] Libraries may archive issues of MTO in electronic or paper 
form for public access so long as each issue is stored in its 
entirety, and no access fee is charged.  Exceptions to these 
requirements must be approved in writing by the editors of MTO, 
who will act in accordance with the decisions of the Society for 
Music Theory.