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       M U S I C          T H E O R Y         O N L I N E
                     A Publication of the
                   Society for Music Theory
         Copyright (c) 1994 Society for Music Theory
| Volume 0, Number 11    November, 1994    ISSN:  1067-3040   |
  General Editor                          Lee Rothfarb
  Co-Editors                              Dave Headlam
                                          Justin London
                                          Ann McNamee
  Reviews Editor                          Claire Boge
  Consulting Editors
	Bo Alphonce		   Thomas Mathiesen
	Jonathan Bernard	   Ann McNamee
	John Clough		   Benito Rivera
	Nicholas Cook		   John Rothgeb
	Allen Forte		   Arvid Vollsnes
	Marianne Kielian-Gilbert   Robert Wason
	Stephen Hinton		   Gary Wittlich
  Editorial Assistant              Christopher Pitchford
  All queries to: mto-editor@husc.harvard.edu
                         * * CONTENTS * *
AUTHOR AND TITLE                                 FILENAMES
1. Target Articles
John Covach                                      mto.94.0.11.covach.art
Destructuring Cartesian Dualism in Musical Analysis
Adam Krims                                       mto.94.0.11.krims.art
Bloom, Post-Structuralism(s), and Music Theory
2. Commentaries
   None this issue
3. Announcements                                 mto.94.0.11.ann
   a. College Music Society:  Call For Papers 
   b. Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology: 
      Annual Meeting
   c. Music Theory Society of New York State:  Call For Papers
   d. West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis: Call for Papers
   e. Feminist Theory and Music III: Call for Papers
   f. 2nd International Conference on Acoustics and Musical Research
   g. REAL TIME COMPOSITION LIBRARY for MAX (Macintosh-Version)
   h. Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory: Call for Papers
   i. Mid-West Music Theory Society:  Call For Papers
   j. Music Theory Southeast:  Call For Papers
   k. Computer Music Journal: Contents of vol. 18.3
   l. Contemporary Music Documentation Center (CDMC) in Paris
4. Employment                                   mto.94.0.11.job
   a. Conservatory of Music, Oberlin College: Electronic and Computer Music
   b. Arizona State University, School of Music: Music Computer Specialist
   c. Michigan State University, School of Music: Asst. Prof., Music Theory
   d. Ohio State University, School of Music: Asst. Prof., Music Theory
   e. University of Texas at Austin:  Asst. Prof., Music Theory
   f. Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts: Asst. Prof. of 
   g. Loyola University of New Orleans: Tenure track, rank open
5. New Dissertations                            mto.94.0.11.dis
   a. Coenen, Alcedo, E., "Meta-Plus: Stockhausen's Plus-Minus computarized
      and analyzed," University of Amsterdam, 1995. 
   b. Vantomme, Jason D., "Score Following by Computer: An Approach by
      Temporal Pattern," MA Thesis, McGill University, 1994.
6. Communications
a.  Boethius Speaks!
As announced in a previous MTO communication, the home site for SMT 
networking will be transferred to the University of California, 
Santa Barbara, during the course of the current academic year.  The
name of the new host is "boethius," in recognition of the ancient
philosopher whose sixth-century treatise, *De institutione musica*,
was the foundation of music-theoretical knowledge during the
Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Although boethius is already on
the Network, "he" is not yet fully configured or equipped with
software to host MTO or other SMT networking services.  By spring
we hope to have boethius ready to carry the services.  Notices
will be distributed to MTO subscribers periodically about the
status of boethius, and revised documentation will be broadcast
once the new host is fully operational.
b.  Official SMT Recognition
Last year an ad hoc Networking Committee, appointed by SMT
President Patrick McCreless, discussed and eventually drafted
a proposal for formalizing the relationship between the existing
networking services (MTO, Email Conference, Online Bibliographic
Database) and the SMT administrative mechanisms.  I am pleased
to announce that, with some modifications, the proposal was
adopted by the Executive Board at this year's annual SMT meeting,
in Tallahassee, Florida.  For MTO, this imprimatur means, among
other things, that staffing will increase once President McCreless
appoints various administrative, technical, and editorial personnel.
I look forward to exploring the technological possibilities and 
broadening the scope of the journal with the future MTO team. 
7. Copyright Statement
   1.  Retrieving MTO Items (with mto-serv and FTP)
   2.  Subscribing to MTO
   3.  Retrieving MTO Documentation
   4.  Queries and Communications
Items are retrieved by sending an email message to the MTO FileServer,
mto-serv, or through anonymous FTP (see below).  To use the FileServer,
send a message to one of the following two addresses:
	mto-serv@husc.harvard.edu	(Internet)
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send Item		  (additional "send" lines, if desired)
After the word "path," enter your full email address (Bitnet users
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articles	(= main article[s])
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For instructions on retrieving items from back issues, or complete 
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on retrieving MTO documentation).
MTO items may also be retrieved through anonymous FTP.  The site is: 
fas.harvard.edu).  Use "anonymous" as loginID and your email address 
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The individual items of the current issue have filenames that begin 
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   Instructions for
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	b. retrieving MTO items (articles, reviews,
	   commentaries, musical examples, and figures)
	c. posting items in MTO (announcements, jobs, dissertations)
	d. searching the MTO database
   Guidelines for authors
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   List of all files in the MTO archive (updated regularly)
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Copyright Statement
[1] Music Theory Online (MTO) as a whole is Copyright (c) 1994,
all rights reserved, by the Society for Music Theory, which is
the owner of the journal.  Copyrights for individual items 
published in MTO are held by their authors.  Items appearing in 
MTO may be saved and stored in electronic or paper form, and may be 
shared among individuals for purposes of scholarly research or 
discussion, but may *not* be republished in any form, electronic or 
print, without prior, written permission from the author(s), and 
advance notification of the editors of MTO.
[2] Any redistributed form of items published in MTO must
include the following information in a form appropriate to
the medium in which the items are to appear:
	This item appeared in Music Theory Online
	It was authored by [FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS],
	with whose written permission it is reprinted 
[3] Libraries may archive issues of MTO in electronic or paper 
form for public access so long as each issue is stored in its 
entirety, and no access fee is charged.  Exceptions to these 
requirements must be approved in writing by the editors of MTO, 
who will act in accordance with the decisions of the Society for 
Music Theory.