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       M U S I C          T H E O R Y         O N L I N E
                     A Publication of the
                   Society for Music Theory
         Copyright (c) 1995 Society for Music Theory
| Volume 1, Number 5    September, 1995    ISSN:  1067-3040   |
  General Editor                          Lee A. Rothfarb
  Co-Editors                              Dave Headlam
                                          Justin London
                                          Ann McNamee
  Reviews Editor                          Brian Alegant
  Manager                                 Robert Judd
  Consulting Editors
	Bo Alphonce		   Thomas Mathiesen
	Jonathan Bernard	   Benito Rivera
	John Clough		   John Rothgeb
	Nicholas Cook		   Arvid Vollsnes
	Allen Forte		   Robert Wason
	Marianne Kielian-Gilbert   Gary Wittlich
	Stephen Hinton		   
  Editorial Assistants              Ralph Steffen
  All queries to: mto-editor@smt.ucsb.edu  or to
                         * * CONTENTS * *
AUTHOR AND TITLE                                 FILENAMES
1. Target Articles
John, Covach.  Schoenberg's Turn to an "Other"   mto.95.1.5.covach.art
Pieter C. van den Toorn.  A Response to          mto.95.1.5.vdToorn.art
   Richard Taruskin's "A Myth of the Twentieth
2. Commentaries
Brian Robison.  Category Structures and Fuzzy    mto.95.1.5.robison.tlk [HTML version]
   Sets (response to Lawrence Zbikowski)
Lawrence M. Zbikowski, Response to Robison,      mto.95.1.5.zbikowski.tlk
   "Category Structures and Fuzzy Sets"
3. Reviews
Peter N. Schubert.  Review of *Musical Poetics*  mto.95.1.5.schubert.rev
   by Joachim Burmeister. Trans. with Introduction
   and Notes, by Benito V. Rivera. Ed. Claude V.
   Palisca. New Haven and London: Yale Univeristy
   Press, 1993.
4. Announcements                                 mto.95.1.5.ann
Mid-Atlantic AMS:  Tonal Structures in Early
   Music (Call for Papers)
Musicians' Injuries
5. Employment                                    mto.95.1.5.job
Stanford Univeristy: Musicology, junior faculty
University of Alberta, Asst. Prof
National Taiwan University, Musicology and
  Music Theory (2 positions)
6. New Dissertations                             mto.95.1.5.dis
Barker, Naomi Joy.  "Analytical Issues in the Toccatas of
   Birolamo Frescobaldi."  Royal Holloway College, University
   of London, 1995.
Leinberger, Charles F.  "An Austrian in Hollywood:  Leitmotifs
   and Thematic Transformation in Max Steiner's Film Score
   'Now, Voyager'."  University of Arizona, 1996.
Paget, Laurie.  "The Madrigals of Marc'Antonio Ingegneri."
   Royal Holloway College, University of London, 1995.
Wiering, Frans.  "The Language of the Modes.  Studies in the History
   of Polyphonic Modality."  University of Amsterdam, 1995.
Wilde, Howard.  "Towards a New Theory of Voice-Leading Structure
   in Sixteenth-Century Polyphony."  Royal Holloway College,
   University of London, 1995.
7. Communications
Editor's Message
1. Boethius takes over!
2. UCSB Funds MTO
3. Submissions
4. Co-editorial Board
1. Boethius takes over!
The long-anticipated day has finally arrived.  MTO and the
other SMT networking services now operate entirely from
our Internet host, boethius.
The main Web pages are:
http://smt.ucsb.edu/boethius.html  (master page)
http://smt.ucsb.edu/mto/index.html (MTO services)
http://smt.ucsb.edu/smt-list/smthome.html (SMT services)
                  * *  PLEASE TAKE NOTE!  * *
Due to some changes in directory structure and in the our Web 
server's configuration, these URLs differ slightly from those 
given in the Editor's Message in MTO 1.4 (July, 1995).
Our anonymous FTP address is: smt.ucsb.edu
    See the MTO guide (mto-guide.txt) and SMT guide (smt-guide.txt)
    for details on the directory structure.  An alternate FTP site
    is located at the University of North Texas: smtftp.acs.unt.edu
Our gopher address is:  smt.ucsb.edu
   At your host's prompt type:  gopher smt.ucsb.edu
   The main menu has options for MTO and the SMT Email Conference.
An alternate gopher site has been established by Philip Baczewski
   at the University of North Texas (Denton):  smtgopher.acs.unt.edu
The individual networking services include:
MTO (the subscriber mailing list)
   mto-list@smt.ucsb.edu (only for announcements and TOC
   distribution, not for communication among subscribers)
mto-talk (MTO's associated discussion forum)
MTO FileServer (for retrieving MTO items by email)
MTO Database (online index of MTO articles, reviews, and commentaries)
SMT Email Conference (SMT's electronic discussion forum)
FileServer (for retrieving SMT related material)
Online Bibliographic Database (indexes articles and reviews in theory journals)
Many thanks to Robert Judd, MTO Manager, for the detailed work of revising 
the main Web pages to accomodate the new directory structure; and to
Phil Baczewski for providing computer resources to establish the
alternate gopher site.  A third site, for archiving graphic and sound
files, is in planning at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to be
set up and maintained by John Schaffer.
2. UCSB Funds MTO
The College of Letters and Science at UC Santa Barbara has generously
granted MTO the sum of $3,000 for supporting and developing the
journal during the 1995-96 academic year, with a possibility for 
renewal in 1996-97, pending review.  The proposal I submitted for 
funding was the first of its kind at UCSB, and I am grateful for 
the University's progressive attitude toward scholarly electronic 
publishing, and its recognition of our accomplishments so far.
The money will be used to pay for proofreading and copyediting,
as well as for technical assistance and equipment.
3. Submissions
One of UCSB's considerations for continued funding of MTO is
the number and quality of its submissions.  The Co-editorial
Board and I have actively sought essays to supplment unsolicited
submissions.  We hope that the number of essays submitted for
review will rise this year, now that MTO has a home and has 
established itself as a scholarly publication over the past 
several years.  The possibility of multimedia articles in music
is exciting and offers opportunities to define new ways of presenting
our research.  With your contributions, MTO will remain an important 
medium for bringing new ideas to a worldwide community of those 
interested in music theory and, through interactive publishing 
(MTO commentaries and mto-talk), can be a unique vehicle for shaping 
those ideas.
Prospective authors should read the document authors.txt, available
in the MTO archives (pub/mto/docs directory), and are encouraged to 
look into preparing an HTML version of their work, along with a 
standard, plain-text version (ASCII).  Robert Judd has prepared a 
guide to HTML editors, complete with links for retrieving the 
necessary software (www-tools.txt in the pub/mto/docs directory).
Essays should be submitted to the MTO General Editor 
(mto-editor@smt.ucsb.edu).  Those interested in writing a 
review for MTO should contact the Reviews Editor, Brian Alegant 
(mto-reviews@smt.ucsb.edu).  We look forward to receiving your
4. Co-editorial Board
The Co-editorial Board of MTO is appointed by the SMT President
in consultation with the Publications Committee.  It currently
consists of the following members:
Lee A. Rothfarb, General Editor (UC Santa Barbara)
Robert Judd, MTO Manager (University of Pennsylvania)
Brian Alegant, Reviews Editor (McGill University)
Dave Headlam (Eastman School of Music)
Justin London (Carleton College)
Ann K. McNamee (Swarthmore College)
We invite your comments and suggestions.
8. Copyright Statement
   1.  Retrieving MTO Items (with mto-serv, FTP, and through WWW)
   2.  Subscribing to MTO
   3.  Retrieving MTO Documentation
   4.  Queries and Communications
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Copyright Statement
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the owner of the journal.  Copyrights for individual items 
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[2] Any redistributed form of items published in MTO must
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