Society for Music Theory

Volume 5 Number 4, September 1999

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Review of Carl Schachter, ed., Unfoldings: Essays in Schenkerian Theory and Analysis (Oxford University Press, 1999)
        David A. Damschroder (University of Minnesota)
Review of W.B. Hewlett and E. Selfridge-Field eds., Melodic Similarity: Concepts, Procedures, and Applications (MIT Press, 1999).
        Ludger Hofmann-Engl (Keele University)
Review of Laurent Fichet, Les theories scientifiques de la musique (Librairie philosophique J. Vrin, 1996)
        David Perrott (Northwestern University)
Review of Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes (MIT Press, 1997)
        John Wm. Schaffer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

International Report

Review of Zbigniew Preisner, Requiem for My Friend
        Tess James (University of East London)

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