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Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Position: Coordinator, Center for Music and Technology Department


Experience -- Five years of work-related experience, preferably in computer technology; Experience with classical music; Experience with Apple computers; Experience with music notation and graphic art software, including MIDI digital audio sequencing and editing software; Experience networking, web design and website maintenance; Experience with Microsoft Office products; Familiarity with online course management systems, wiki, blog, podcast, and video - conferencing preferred; Multimedia design capabilities; Experience in staff management; Teaching experience preferred; Experience installing and configuring computer hardware.

Education/Licensing -- High school education required; Bachelor’s or Master’s degree strongly preferred; Training in instructional technology preferred.

Essential Skills Required -- Understanding of notation, harmony, and analysis of music, particularly classical music; Ability to see IT implications in all areas of musical activity; Understanding of and ability to operate in all Apple Computer systems; Understanding of specialized MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface – hardware and software; Understanding of and ability to teach software packages used in Department, including music software; Design effective websites; Administer computer servers; Personnel management; Excellent communication skills.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Lead the Center for Music and Technology in practical and theoretical applications of IT to the study of music, musical production, music education and musical performance. Support faculty, staff, and students in providing the best technological foundation from which to reach research, academic and administrative goals. This includes creation of a smoothly-functioning, hierarchical administrative structure involving effective management of student personnel.

Essential Functions include: Be the primary IT person in Music, tracking new IT developments, recognizing their implications for music, and acting to integrate them into the CMT and Music Department programs; Maintain computers, servers, data backup, hardware and software for the CMT, faculty/ staff, and Department of Music classrooms; Be the first call for network-related issues such as email and web outages by working with CASE ITS to help provide the best possible networking experience for faculty, staff and students; Provide faculty, staff and students with general training in the use of software and hardware used in music notation, sequencing, audio recording, graphic design, web-design and creation of other educational media for classroom, research or presentations; Identify classroom technology needs in consultation with faculty; coordinate equipment; Keep abreast of new instructional and communication technologies and industry trends and make recommendations that will advance the use of these technologies for Music research, education and performance; Assist faculty in writing grants to support special projects and hardware/software needs; Serve as principal Webmaster for the department; Work with databases as needed by the department; Maintain CMT budget installation.

Salary Range: unspecified

Items to Send:

Please email your resume and cover letter referencing the above job number and title to

Deadline: open until filled


William I. Bauer, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Music Education
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Music - 306 Haydn Hall
Cleveland OH 44106-7105
(216) 368-2431
(216) 368-6557 [FAX]

Date Listed: 05/13/2008

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