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Institution: the Norwegian Academy of Music

Position: Professorship in Music Theory

General Information:

This is a permanent full-time position and is vacant as of 1 August 2011. The position has responsibility for tuition, research and development within the field of music theory, with particular emphasis on the study of harmony, counterpoint and analysis of Western art music.


Candidates must document the following

• A scientific / professional level in accordance with established international standards for competence as a professor
• Music theory research and works published at the highest international level
• Comprehensive and relevant pedagogic experience with emphasis on supervision of master and Ph.D. degree students.

More detailed information regarding the requirements necessary for competence as a professor, can be obtained by contacting the Academy.

The person appointed must be able to teach in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish) or English.

In the evaluation of the applicants, emphasis will be placed on special qualifications and experience which have significance for the execution of the tasks entailed in the position, such as the ability to cooperate, to take initiative and to carry out planned projects.

Applicants who can not document formal basic pedagogic competence will, upon appointment, be directed to follow a university advanced pedagogic course, or alternatively acquire corresponding competence in some other way within a given period of time (normally 2 years).

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts. The main emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of documentation submitted with regard to professional and pedagogic qualifications. The application, together with all the enclosures which should be taken into consideration, must be submitted in triplicate. Those applicants found best qualified may also be called upon to take part in a trial lecture and an interview.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

The duties comprise tuition and guidance of students, research and development and professional development and administrative tasks in connection with the field of activity. The applicant who is appointed will be expected to cooperate actively with his colleagues.

In a normal year at the Academy teaching staff work a 37.5 hour week. The division of the working week into periods for tuition, research, etc in accordance with the prevailing rules governing working duties will be discussed prior to each academic year at the Academy.

Tuition and guidance
Duties comprise tuition and supervision in music theory subjects for bachelor, master and Ph.D. study programs, in accordance with current curricula. It is assumed that the applicant appointed will take the initiative to plan and lead seminars and courses within his/her subject area in collaboration with the other members of staff at the institution. The person appointed will also participate in the preparation and implementation of the Academy’s admission auditions and examinations.

Research and development work
The professor in music theory will be expected to carry out research and development work by means of his/her own professional activity in research and development projects. It is also assumed that the person appointed will engage him/herself in development work in his/her own subject area and actively participate in strengthening research and development work at the Academy in general.

Administrative duties
The applicant appointed must participate in the administrative tasks relevant to his subject area and at the Academy in general.

Salary Range: unspecified

Items to Send:

Three copies of the application with enclosures should be submitted to:
Norges musikkhogskole, Postbox 5190 Majorstua, N-0302 Oslo, Norway.

Deadline: April 18, 2011


Further information about the position may be obtained by contacting the Head of Department, Peter Tornquist, telephone: +47 23 36 72 72/917 78 597, or the Director of Academic Affairs, Kjetil Solvik, telephone: +47 23 36 70 33 or by e-post

Other Information:

The position is subject to the regulations which apply at any given time for employees at the Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music has few female professors. Women are therefore especially encouraged to apply. In the case of approximately equivalent qualifications, a female applicant will be given preference.

Date Listed: 03/24/2011

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