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Institution: Sibelius Academy

Position: Lecturer in Music Theory

General Information:

The University of the Arts Helsinki launched at the beginning of 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The total number of students is presently approximately 2,200, and there are 660 full-time equivalent personnel.

Sibelius Academy is responsible for providing the highest level of music education in Finland. The academy trains artists, teachers, and other music professionals skilled in independent artistic work.

Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki is opening a post for a


for a five-year fixed-term contract to run from 1 August 2015 until 31 July 2020. The lecturer will be responsible for tuition in Western music theory and, in particular, harmony and counterpoint. The position is for a fixed term due to the need for flexibility in meeting the requirements on continuous development of education and curriculum reforms.

The lecturer\'s operating environment

There are about 1,400 students in the Academy, and the size of the staff is approximately 400 in man-years. One of the two faculties, the Faculty of Classical Music is a 1,000-strong community of students and staff. The faculty\'s staff members include several artists, researchers, and teachers of international renown in their respective fields. The Lecturer in Music Theory position is part of the Department of Composition and Music Theory and reports to the head of department.

At the start of the employment relationship, the job demands level is 6, which sets the total monthly salary at approximately 3,400-4,000.


Selection criteria


The successful applicant will hold a suitable doctoral degree and have solid pedagogical skills, practical knowledge of the subject matter and tasks, and excellent written and oral command of English. Candidates who hold a Master\'s degree and can demonstrate extensive knowledge of the subject matter may also be eligible.

Applicants\' knowledge of the subject matter will be assessed on the basis of their research-related merits, active involvement in research and publishing activity in the field of composition and music theory, teacher training or studies in education, demonstrated experience in assessment, planning and development tasks related to education, and especially practical working experience in higher education and the documented outcomes of their work as a teacher (e.g. achievements of students) in the subject matters detailed above. Skills in harmony and counterpoint and a command of musical structures and expression achieved through artistic work can also be considered an asset.

In the evaluation, special emphasis will be placed on applicants\' documented achievements in teaching and their knowledge and ability to teach music-theoretical skills in Western music to musicians studying in various programmes of Sibelius Academy.

The application must include a short description about the applicant\'s personal pedagogical views on the organisation and development of education offered in this field. In addition, applicants whose first language is not English must include a description of their experience in English-language teaching and other English-language activity related to the position.

Demonstrations of interactive and organizational skills in expert positions and positions of trust as well as international networks are also considered a merit.


The aptitude of applicants will be assessed both on the basis of available documents and in specific aptitude tests which are designed to assess the applicants\' skills and abilities in relation to the requirements of the position and work environment, including language skills. The candidates to be invited to the aptitude test will be chosen by Sibelius Academy.

Language skills

The language of tuition in this position is English. The position requires excellent written and oral command of the language of instruction. Other languages are also considered an asset. Applicants will demonstrate their language skills in the aptitude test.

Finnish candidates are required to present one of the following certificates of proficiency in Finnish or Swedish:
1) a certificate signed by a member or deputy member of the State Board of Language Examinations, or in another manner prescribed by the Decree on the Demonstration of Knowledge of the Finnish and Swedish Languages in State Administration (481/2003) (e.g. by passing the language test included in the basic curriculum of a university-level institution);
2) a certificate issued by a professor, assistant professor, or lecturer who teaches the language in question at a Finnish university-level institution;
3) a matriculation examination certificate indicating a pass in the language in question.

According to the HR regulations of the University of the Arts Helsinki, the dean can approve an exception to the language requirements of other teaching and research personnel in cases in which it is possible without jeopardising the successful performance of their duties and when such exception facilitates the appointment of an applicant who is otherwise the most qualified and suitable for the position.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

The lecturer\'s tasks

According to the HR regulations of the University of the Arts Helsinki, the university\'s teaching staff provide and promote education in their respective fields, monitor developments in the field of arts and associated research, conduct and steer artistic or research activity, and participate in public dialogue and international activities in their respective fields.

The lecturer\'s general tasks also include curriculum development, coursework assessments and participation in student admission processes.

The tasks of the Lecturer in Music Theory include English-language instruction in Western music theory and, in particular, harmony and counterpoint given to students of various programmes of Sibelius Academy within the educational remit of the Faculty of Classical Music and the Department of Composition and Music Theory.

Current courses requiring instruction and curricular development include Music Theory 1-3 and, depending on the personal strengths of the successful applicant, e.g.

- music analysis
- history of Western music
- ear training
- supervision of written works

Applicants\' ability to deliver broad-based instruction in these subject matters will be taken into account when assessing their suitability.

In addition, the tasks of the lecturer include

- holistic planning and development of English-language instruction in applicable subject matters in cooperation with different faculties and departments of Sibelius Academy and with consideration of the university\'s operations as a whole
- instruction and supervision/guidance both at the bachelor and master\'s level
- contributing to the curricular development of the Department of Composition and Music Theory and the development of associated research activities and international collaboration

The lecturer will also be required to participate in the work of the university\'s administrative bodies and other aspects of university development as necessary.

Salary Range: The lecturer\'s salary is determined in accordance with the Finnish universities salary system. In addition to the job-specific salary, a personal salary component will be paid. At the start of the employment relationship, the job demands level is 6, wh

Items to Send:


Applications and supporting documents must be delivered in a single PDF or DOC file to the registry office of Sibelius Academy at siba.kirjaamo(at) latest on Monday 5 January 2015 at 3.00 p.m. (GMT +2). Confirmation of receipt will be sent to the sender\'s email address.

Contents of the application (in a single PDF or DOC file):

- applicants are requested to submit the information using the recruitment portfolio (the composition of the portfolio described below) which is designed to enable applicants to be assessed on the basis of the selection criteria. Applicants may also enclose an academic portfolio if they choose to do so.
- the required language proficiency certificates (see section 3 of the recruitment notice)
- copies of degree certificates the applicant\'s contact details (e-mail and postal addresses and telephone number)

Recruitment portfolio

The recruitment portfolio must follow the composition below. Headlines that are essential to the assignment and applicant are to be filled in. Recommended maximum length for the portfolio is 5 pages.

Recruitment portfolio composition

1 Basic information

1.1 Name of the applied position

1.2 Personal information and contact details

1.3 Higher education degrees and other education (Other education, master classes, etc. Only the most essential in this context)

1.4 Other background information (Language skills, other?)

2 Artistic and academic activity and research

2.1 Artistic activity (A short description of artistic activities and concert activities)

2.2 Research and academic activity (A short description of research)

2.3 Notable artistic/academic publications and recordings (Recordings, research projects, documents, publication catalogue, conference presentations, etc.)

2.4 Reviews, awards and grant scholarships

2.5 Goals, aspirations, and personal development plans in the context of this job and field

2.6 Other artistic and academic merits (Expert assignments, jury memberships, international contacts, funding procurement)

3 Teaching and supervision

3.1 Teaching and supervision experience at higher education facilities, both at bachelor\'s and master\'s as well as doctoral level (e.g., a list of latest/most notable teaching assignments and theses supervised)

3.2 Other teaching and supervision experience

3.3 Pedagogical studies

3.4 Experience in educational development and curriculum assignments

3.5 Participation in teaching assessment, evaluation, and development

3.6 Pedagogical vision and teaching work basis (A short description of personal teaching objectives, procedures and principles. Advantages and challenges, proof of results, student success)

3.7 Pedagogical views on the organisation and development of education offered in the field

3.8 Experience in study-materials development

3.9 Other teaching-related activities and merits (Expert assignments, working parties, fields of responsibility, international cooperation, etc.)

4 Other activities

4.1 Administrative and executive assignments

4.2 Societal assignments and positions of responsibility

4.3 General publications, presentations and other related communications

4.5 Other notable assignments

Deadline: January 5, 2015



Further information concerning the post and the application procedure is available from Department Head Riitta Valkeila, tel. +358 (0)50 384 3461 or e-mail

Other Information:

Sibelius Academy

University of the Arts Helsinki

Date Listed: 12/08/2014

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