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Institution: Prince George\'s Community College

Position: Faculty Full Time - Music

General Information:

Full-time faculty position, effective Fall 2017
Fixed Term Appointment


1. Master’s Degree or equivalent with a minimum of 21 graduate credits in music.
2. Teaching experience at the high school or college level in music, or significant professional experience relevant to the teaching area.

CRITERIA: The following criteria, which are not the sole criteria used in the final hiring decision, will be used to review the applications of those persons who meet the stated minimum qualifications and to select those qualified applicants who will be interviewed. Other information and observations made during the interview process may be considered in the selection process.

1. Relevance of graduate education preparation to the broad range of anticipated teaching assignments found in a community college music curriculum.
2. Relevance of teaching experience to the broad range of anticipated teaching assignments found in a community college music curriculum, to include music theory, music appreciation, music literature courses and applied woodwind and brass.
3. Evidence of fluency in performance and teaching of jazz style music both in solo and ensemble work.
4. Evidence of ability to teach Music Technology courses found in the music program curriculum.
5. Evidence of experience in teaching computer applications used for ear training, notation, composition and digital audio recording are desired.
6. Evidence of proficient keyboard skills.
7. Relevance of non-teaching experience to the broad range of anticipated teaching assignments found in a community college music curriculum.
8. Evidence of quality teaching, including faculty evaluation scores and ratings, teaching awards earned, courses designed, developed, and/or revised, etc.
9. Relevance of teaching experience in employing instructional methods and techniques that include interdisciplinary teaching and approaches appropriate to different learning styles.
10. Evidence of currency in professional discipline through continuing education, professional development, and/or scholarly activity.
11. Evidence of readiness to teach effectively within, and contribute positively to a diverse multi-ethnic, multi-cultural student population and campus environment with widespread student ages and backgrounds.
12. Evidence of ability to assume responsibilities beyond the required classroom and office hours, in the area of music and administrative duties.
13. Ability to remain current with rapidly evolving digital media technology, practices and techniques.

1. Degree from an accredited institution.
2. Unofficial transcripts must accompany application for teaching positions. Official transcripts of academic work required upon an offer of employment.
3. Letters of reference must be job related and dated within the past three years.
4. Documentation of experience and performance required.
5. Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written standard English.
6. As required by the 1986 Immigration Act, be prepared to present acceptable documentation showing your identity and that you are a U.S. citizen or an alien who is authorized to work.
7. Willingness to teach day, evening, and/or weekends.

Salary Range: Salary Commensurate with degree and experience

Items to Send:

Resume/CV and cover letter are required with the application. Please ensure that your documents address the criteria listed for this position.

Candidates for teaching position who are invited for an interview will be asked to demonstrate their teaching effectiveness in a simulated classroom, laboratory, or other relevant pedagogical situation, the subject matter of which will be determined in advance and shared with all candidates prior to interview.
1. Candidates will all be asked to demonstrate musical performance skills on their particular instruments by performing a solo composition of their choice.
2. Letters of recommendation may be attached to the application.

Complete instructions and information available in original job posting:

Deadline: October 23, 2017


Date Listed: 10/24/2017

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