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Job Listings

Institution: Butler University

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor (one year)

General Information:

Position includes benefits.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Involves teaching the following courses, including undergrad as well as grad levels. The load amounts to 11 credits in the fall and 12 in the spring:

Fall: Introduction to Research (grad level); two sections of sophomore theory; two sections of aural skills.

Spring: two sections of sophomore theory; Pedagogy of Music Theory (grad level); Analysis of Tonal Music (grad level).

Salary Range: unspecified

Items to Send:

Interested persons are encouraged to reply initially by email. Vita and references may be sent to me at, or if there are questions, please let me know.

Deadline: unspecified


Jeff Gillespie
Coordinator, Music Theory

Other Information:

We hope to fill the position as soon as possible, but we have no deadline.

Date Listed: 04/27/2007

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