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Lyrics: PJ Harvey, “The Letter”

(By Polly Jean Harvey. Copyright © 2004 Hot Head Music Ltd. All Rights Controlled and Administered in the US and Canada by
Universal – Polygram International Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.)

Verse 1
    Put the pen
    To the paper
    Press the envelope
    With my scent

Verse 2
    Can't you see
    In my handwriting
    The curve of my g?
    The longing

Verse 3
    Who is left
    That writes these days?
    But you and me
    We'll be different

Verse 4
    Take the cap
    Off your pen
    Wet the envelope
    Lick and lick it


    I need you
    The time is running out
    Oh baby
    Can't you hear me call?

Verse 5
    It turns me on
    To imagine
    Your blue eyes
    On my words

Verse 6
    Your beautiful pen
    Take the cap off
    Give me a sign
    And I'd come running

    It’s you
    I want you
    Oh it’s you