1. Transliteration of Sanskrit, Hindi and Persian words and names have been simplified here, as the special fonts for the diacriticals are not supported in ASCII/HTML. These words are just marked as italic in this article.

2. References to the Collected Papers of Charles Peirce are given as (CP [volume number].[paragraph number]).

3. Among the several ancient drums, only the double faced, barrel shaped mrdanga is still known and played. Pushkara refers to several kinds of wooden drums: panava was a form of hour-glass drum, alingya a small face drum with a body like a "cow's tail", ankika a middle size drum with a body like the myrobalan, and the dundubhi an earthen kettle-drum.

4. The linearity of my explanation here should not give the reader the idea that each musical system of raga classification substituted for the earlier system in a diachronic way. Rather, some of the systems existed simultaneously, overlapping each other for centuries.

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