Figure 2. Summary of gamelan terminology and analytical concepts

  1. kotekan: interlocking parts; composite moves at 4 or (sometimes) 8 tones/beat
  2. neliti: skeletal reduction of leading melody; 1 tone per beat
  3. pokok: trunk tones; ordinarily 1 tone every 2 beats
  4. jegogan: sparsest melodic layer; one tone every 4, 8, 16 or 32 beats, depending on the length of the melody
  5. ngubeng: static; low rate of scale-tone change
  6. majalan: kinetic; high rate of scale-tone change
  7. axis: distance in scale tones between the midpoint and final tones of a melody
  8. contour class (CC): ordered, 4-member set of integers showing contour and interval relationships among four consecutive tones in a given stratum; the last of the four must be in a metrically stressed position, and is set to 0 to provide a point of orientation
  9. kotekan contour class (kCC): like CC, but restricted to a series of 8 consecutive tones (lasting a total of two beats) in the kotekan stratum