Example 12. Isolde’s literal recollections of the Love Duet music (Act II, Scene 2) during her concluding Transfiguration (Act III, Scene 3). With the exception of a pair of deleted measures, two sections appear in exact restatement: the DEATH SONG in Duet II (".fn_flat(A)." major) and the final Bar of Duet III (B major). Wagner’s modifications of the dynamics, tempi changes, texture, and orchestration of the latter setting emphasize its more spiritual nature, in contrast to the sensual passion of the original Duets.

(293/4/4 - 294/3/3 = 178/1/1 - 4/5)
(294/4/1 - 300/2/2 = 187/2/1 - 195/3/4
(178/4/6 - 187/1/4 of Duets deleted.)
Climax resolution and apotheosis added to Transfiguration (300/3/1 - 301/5/4