Figure 19. Final Project Guidelines

  • There will be no specified minimum number of cards (nor a maximum number). Use whatever number of cards is necessary to present your material effectively.
  • Your stack must demonstrate your mastery of some type of HyperCard-implemented sound, but you may chose among the types we have studied (internal Mac sound, MIDI files using MIDIplay, recorded sounds from CD using AudioShop or SoundEdit 16, or calls to CD using the Voyager CD Audio Toolkit), depending upon the nature of your project.
  • If a large project is envisioned (one that is beyond the scope of the course), then demonstrate your vision of the entire project by setting up the "super-structure" of the complete project on your Table of Contents card. Clicking on lines in the TOC should take the user to various portions of your project stack, some of which will be fully implemented and others of which should simply contain a statement telling the user that this portion of the stack is not yet fully implemented. This statement should also contain a short prose description of what would be there in the completed project you envision.
  • Above all, demonstrate your highest abilities on the portion(s) of your project that you choose to implement. Your grade will be based both on your conception and planning of the "whole," and the realization of the portions you have chosen to complete.