Figure 25. Fowler’s Stack

a. Title Page

Shows the title of the project, “J.S. Bach Suite for solo cello in C major,” over an attractive scanned image. A recording of the piece plays until the user clicks on the image to go to the main menu.

b. Main Menu

The main menu features sections on Background, Bowing Solutions, Dance Steps, View the Score, Editions and Performers, and Quiz.

c. “Background” Submenu

This menu features The History of the Cello Suites, The Early Violoncello and Bow, and Performance Practice Issues—under a scanned image of Coethen.

d. “Editions and Performers”

A short description of various historical and modern editions of the Cello Suites and information about the three performers featured in the stack—Casals, Starker, and Bylsma.

e. Mock Quiz

A “place holder,” the quiz has a picture of Bach, and one question: Who is this man?