Figure 31. Campbell’s Stack

a. Title Page

The title, “Jazz Bass Playing: A Linear Approach” is set over stylized line drawing of a bass. Buttons on the bottom of the card take the user to Table of Contents, Organization, Harmonic Information, Connections, and Circle of 4ths. The entire stack uses color and bass imagery effectively.

b.Embellishing Tones

A text field explains Campbell’s concept of “approach tones”— non-chord tones that resolve to consonant tones in 9-8, 6-5, and 4-3 linear patterns. The field is framed by a scanned picture of an ornate bass scroll, which is shown in symmetrical mirror image on either side of the field.

c. Combining Lines

This frame shows how a three-voice rendition of a jazz chord progression can be implied in a single bass line. The progression is shown in open score with chord symbols. Below this is a bass line implying all three voices. The movie controller below the gif image plays a recording of Campbell performing the line on bass (from a CD he recorded to go with the stack). In the actual stack, the user would hear this by clicking on a Play button.