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MTO 3.3 1997


  1. Integral, Volume 9
  2. Journal of Music Theory, Volume 41.1

Integral, Volume 9

We are pleased to announce that volume 9 of Integral has just
been published and will be mailed to subscribers very soon.  The
contents are as follows:


Gregory J. Marion 
     Inciting Transformational Insights
Robert D. Morris
     The Structure of First-Species Canon in 
     Modal, Tonal and Atonal Musics
Gordon Sly
     The Architecture of Key and Motive in a Schubert Sonata


Robert O. Gjerdingen
     Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music:  
     A Renewed Dualist Theory and an Account of its Precedents
     by Daniel Harrison
Robert Gauldin
     Analyzing Fugue:  A Schenkerian Perspective
     by William Renwick
Steven Laitz
     Poetry into Song:  Performance and Analysis of Lieder
     by Deborah Stein and Robert Spillman


$12.00 per volume for individuals, $10.00 for students, and $16.00
for institutions.  A complete set of back issues (Vols 1-8,
1987-1994) is also available for the price of seven volumes ($84,
$70, $112).  Please add $4.00 per volume for postage outside North
America up to a maximum of $12.00. Prepayment for subscription
requests is appreciated but not required.

For a complete index of articles and reviews in the back issues,
please refer to the Integral web page at:

Requests for subscriptions may be addressed to:

Evan Jones
Subscriptions Manager
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY  14604


Integral invites articles in all areas of music theory.  We are
particularly interested in papers that relate theoretical and
analytical study to compositional process and performance practice.

Integral is a fully refereed journal and all unsolicited submissions are
subjected to anonymous peer review; decisions regarding publication
normally take three to six months.

Inquiries regarding article submission, proposals for book reviews,
and other communications may be addressed to:

The Editors                             
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY  14604

Or via email to:

Norman Carey



Lora Gingerich Dobos
     Transformations of BACH in Webern's Op.16 No.4
Tiina Koivisto
     Aspects of Motion in Elliott Carter's Second String Quartet
Lauri Suurpaa
     Schumann, Heine, and Romantic Irony:
     Music and Drama in the First Five Songs of Dichterliebe
Yayoi Uno
     Tempo-span GIS as a Measure of Continuity in Elliott Carter's
     Eight Pieces for Four Timpani


David Lidov
     Musical Semiotics -- Science, Letters, or Art?


David Butler
     Shaping Time: Music, The Brain, and Performance
     by David Epstein
William Kinderman
     Beethoven Hero by Scott Burnham and 
     The 'Galitzin' Quartets of Beethoven by Daniel K.L. Chua

Norman Carey and Su Yin Mak
Co-editors, Integral
fax: (716) 274-1088

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Journal of Music Theory Volume, 41.1

Journal of Music Theory
Published twice a year by Yale University

For information on all aspects of the journal, including back-issue
availability, contact addresses, submission requirements, and browsable
volume and author indexes, please visit our Web site:

Contents of vol. 41.1 (Spring 1997, forthcoming):


Richard L. Cohn
     Neo-Riemannian Operations, Parsimonious Trichords,
     and Their Tonnetz Representations
John Clough and Jack Douthett
     Hyperscales and the Generalized Tetrachord
Steve Larson
     The Problem of Prolongation in Tonal Music:
     Terminology, Perception, and Expressive Meaning
Joseph N. Straus
     A Response to Larson
Fred Lerdahl
     Issues in Prolongational Theory: A Response to Larson


Philip Rupprecht
     Theory, Analysis, and Meaning in Music, ed. Anthony Pople

Subscription rates are as follows:
Individual: domestic $24 (3 years for $61); foreign $30 (3 years for $76).
Student: domestic $20 (3 years for $51); foreign $26 (3 years for $66).
Emeritus: domestic $14 (3 years for $36); foreign $20 (3 years for $51).
Library/Institution: domestic $32 (3 years for $82); foreign $38 (3 years
for $97).

Pre-paid subscription requests (US funds) may be sent to:
David Carson Berry, Associate Editor
Journal of Music Theory
Yale Department of Music
143 Elm Street
New Haven CT 06511-6609

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