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  1. Announcement of New Web Based OPAC From the British Library
  2. Research Studentships, Royal Holloway, University of London
  3. Music Theory Society of New York State: Annual Meeting
  4. Georgia Association of Music Theorists
  5. Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie--New Issue
  6. Computers, AI & Music Analysis Web Comunication Sessions
  7. Cambridge University Music Analysis Conference 1997

Announcement of New Web Based OPAC From the British Library

The British Library is to launch its new OPAC 97 service at Internet
World, Olympia, 20-22 May. This service will provide free access via
the World Wide Web to seven catalogues containing more than 8.5
million records covering the major collections of the British Library
both in London and Boston Spa. OPAC 97 will replace the Network OPAC
that has been on trial as an experimental service since 1994, and
information regarding the formal closure of the trial will be made
available in due course.  Anyone with internet access and a Web
browser will be able to access OPAC 97 without the need for any
additional software or system setup.

Further details will be made available as soon as possible.

        John Lowery
        OPAC 97
        British Library
        National Bibliographic Service
        Boston Spa
        West Yorkshire

        tel:    +44-(0)1937 546551
        fax:    +44-(0)1937 546586

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Research Studentships, Royal Holloway, University of London

The Music Department at Royal Holloway is pleased to announce new
postgraduate studentships in the following areas: 

        Historical Musicology (early music/19th-century topics)
        Theory and Analysis (early music/19th-century topics)
        Performance Studies

The studentships are intended to capitalise on the Music Department's
research strengths in these fields, which contributed to our rating of 5*
in the recent Research Assessment Exercise.  They will cover tuition fees
at the Home/EU rate for three years' full-time or up to six years'
part-time study, and will be available to postgraduates entering the
Department to start work for the MPhil or PhD degree during the academic
year 1997-98. 

Royal Holloway, University of London

In addition, The Music Department at Royal Holloway is pleased to announce
a new fully-funded postgraduate Thomas Holloway Research studentship,
which will also cover tuition fees at the HEU rate for three years'
full-time study, and will also provide a maintenance grant of 6000 pounds
per annum.  It will be available to postgraduates with outstanding
research potential entering the Department to start work for the PhD
degree during the academic year 1997-98. 

There is no separate application form, but candidates for studentships
should have applied for the MPhil or PhD course (candidates for the Thomas
Holloway Studentship should have applied for the PhD programme) by
Wednesday 14 May 1997, stating that they wish to be considered for a
studentship.  They must also formally accept a place on the relevant
course by Wednesday 9 July 1997.  (Please note that for non-studentship
candidates there is no deadline for applications to the MMus in Advanced
Musical Studies or to any other of our postgraduate courses.)

Further details about the Music Department, how to apply for the MMus,
MPhil or PhD, about the fees-only studentships for MPhil or PhD students
that we also offer, and about application procedures for postgraduate
study, please contact Dr John Rink, Director of Graduate Study, Music
Department, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham TW20 0EX, UK
(telephone: 01784 443532; fax: 01784 439441; e-mail:  Alternatively, visit the Music Department's Web
site at

Dr John Rink, Senior Lecturer in Music
Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London
Egham   TW20 0EX    England
Tel:    +44 (0)1784 443532    Fax:  +44 (0)1784 439441

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Music Theory Society of New York State: Annual Meeting

                        HUNTER COLLEGE of CUNY 
                            18-19 April 1998

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

The 1998 Program Committee invites proposals for papers and presentations
on any topic.
   Areas of particular interest include:

     1) Analysis of works by J. S. Bach
     2) Analysis of works by Beethoven
     3) Relationship between analysis and performance 
     4) Pedagogy

Papers given at national conferences or previously published will not be 
considered.  Any number of proposals may be submitted by an individual, 
but no more than one will be accepted.  Most papers will be placed in 
45-minute slots, with about 30 minutes for reading and 15 minutes for 
possible response or discussion.

Paper submission should include: 
      1) Six copies of a proposal of at least three but not more than five  
         double-spaced pages of text. Each copy should include the title of 
         the paper and its duration as read aloud, but not the author's 
      2) An abstract of 200-250 words, suitable for publication.  
      3) A cover letter listing the title of the paper and the name, 
         address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the author.

Proposals should be sent to 
            Deborah Kessler, MTSNYS Program Chair, 
            33-28 81st Street, # 21
            Jackson Heights, NY 11372.

                  POSTMARK DEADLINE IS 1 OCTOBER 1997

Members of the MTSNYS 1998 Program Committee are Deborah Kessler, Chair 
(Hofstra University); Wayne Alpern (City University of New York); L. 
Poundie Burstein (Hunter College of CUNY and Mannes College of Music); 
Jonathan Kramer (Columbia University); Elizabeth W. Marvin (Eastman School 
of Music); and Christopher Park (Mannes College of Music)

Submitted by 
   Mary I. Arlin, President MTSNYS
   School of Music, Ithaca College
   Ithaca, NY 14850-7204


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Georgia Association of Music Theorists

The postmark date for submissions for GAMUT Volume 8 is May 31, 1997.

Gary Wittlich' keynote lecture to the society's meeting in February "Music
Theory and Learning in the Digital Age" will be the lead article in Volume
8.  Other articles dealing with music technology and/or use of
non-traditional sources in theory pedagogy are especially welcomed for this

GAMUT welcomes articles dealing with all aspects of music theory, including
pedagogy, analysis, history, and book reviews. Contributors should submit
three copies anonymously with an identifying cover letter and a short
abstract of the article. Manuscripts should be double-spaced with 1-inch
margins. Documentation must be complete. Musical examples, tables, and
diagrams should be camera-ready. Copyright privileges, if required for
publication, should be secured in advance.

Address inquiries for subscriptions, manuscripts, proposals for reviews, or
any other responses and communications to:

Kristin Wendland
Music Department
Morris Brown College
643 Martin Luther King Drive
Atlanta, GA 30314

After May 16:

643 Delmar Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA  30312
(404) 622-4891

Kristin F. Wendland, Ph.D.
Music Department
Morris Brown College
643 Martin Luther King Dr.
Atlanta, GA  30312

Office phone: (404) 220-0045
Home phone:   (404) 622-4891
Fax:          (404) 220-0261

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Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie--New Issue

Vol. 2/3 of the Dutch journal "Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie" has appeared
just a few weeks ago. These are the contents of the new issue:


     Paul Scheepers
     Syntaxis op drift - Over schuivende componenten
     Syntax Adrift. On Shifting Components
     [in Dutch]

     Maarten van Norden
     'Lux et Veritas' - De set-theorie van Allen Forte en
     toepassingen hiervan voor componisten
     'Lux et Veritas' - Allen Forte's Set Theory and its
     Applications for Composers
     [in Dutch]

     Rudolf Rasch
     The Musical Circle - from Alfonso to Beethoven (II)
     [in English]


     Kunnen getallen tot muziek leiden? Een
     dubbelconcert in wording
     Can Numbers Lead to Music? A Double Concerto in the
     [in Dutch]
     by Robin de Raaff

     Het Muziekleven in Belgie: een Dwarsdoorsnede
     Musical life in Belgium: a Cross-Section
     [in Dutch]
     by Mark Delaere

     Een Nederlander in Brussel - Het
     muziektheorieonderwijs aan het Koninklijk
     Conservatorium Brussel
     A Dutchman in Brussels. Music Theory Instruction at the
     Royal Conservatory of Brussels
     [in Dutch]
     by Patrick van Deurzen

     Jazz, Pop en Muziekwetenschap
     Jazz, Pop and Musicology
     [in Dutch]
     by Rindert Meijer

Book Reviews

     Pieter C. van den Toorn, "Music, Politics and the
     [in Dutch]
     by Michiel Schuijer

     Mark Levine, "The Jazz Theory Book"
     [in Dutch]
     by Ruud van Dijk


     Journal of Music Theory
     [in Dutch]
     by Henk Borgdorff

The editors of the "Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie" invite contributions
on a broad range of subjects related to the fields of music theory, music
analysis, or the pedagogy of these disciplines. These contributions should
be sent by e-mail or on a diskette to the editorial office. Books for review
should be sent to the editorial office as well. The address is:

Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie
Frans van Mierisstraat 72hs
telephone: + 31 20 6628669,
fax      : + 31 20 6721358,
e-mail   :
URL      :

For information on subscription, contact the publisher:

Donemus--Paulus Potterstraat 16,

Telephone: + 31 20 6764436,
Fax      : + 31 20 6733588,
e-mail   :

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Computers, AI & Music Analysis Web Comunication Sessions

HOST: Department of Music/
Universidade Federal da Paraiba/BRAZIL (online)

DATE: permanent

 This web site intends to become a free onlinecommunication session 
publishing papers related to the role of computers and AI in music 
analysis. Any languages admitted. 

Interessed? You can contribute in three ways:

1) Send your paper to my e-mail as an attached file. It will be 
published here. If possible,each picture would be sent as a file at the
 .gif format. 

2) Send your paper in unformatted text, by e-mail (no pictures). 

3) Send a link to a related published paper elsewhere on the web. 

 In any case, join a short abstract in english (about 50 words).It will
 be published in the front page of the session program.





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Cambridge University Music Analysis Conference 1997

[Note: these details are also on the Web at]]

Music Faculty

University of Cambridge

Thursday-Sunday, 7-10 August 1997
  The Society for Music Analysis in conjunction with Music Analysis
(Blackwell Publishers)

 Provisional Programme

            Thursday afternoon, 7 August


Daniel Grimley (Cambridge):Carl Nielsen's `Tonality, Clarity, Strength'
        and Structural Decay in the Second ViolinSonata FS. 64

Siglind Bruhn (Ann Arbor):Hindemith, Lendvai, and Tonal Signification

David Smyth (Louisiana State):Stravinsky as Serialist: The Sketches for Threni

Allen Forte (Yale):Analysing "Classic" American Popular Song

   Friday morning, 8 August


Sharon Choa (UEA)The sforzando as Bar-line: Form in the Finale
        of Joseph Haydn's String Quartet, Op. 50 No.4, Fuga

Mark Anson-Cartwright (CUNY):Haydn's Hidden Homage to Mozart: Echoes of
        `Voi che sapete' in Opus 64 No. 3


L. Poundie Burstein (CUNY):Inter-Movement Parody in Beethoven

Frank Samarotto (Cincinnati):Temporal Disjunction in Beethoven's Op. 109, First         

Michael Spitzer (Durham):Two perspectives on Beethoven's Late Style

      Friday afternoon


Niall O'Loughlin (Loughborough College):The Rondo in Mahler's Middle
        Period Symphonies: Valid Model or Useful Abstraction

Rebekka Fritz (TCD):Progressive Leitmotifs in Alban Berg's Wozzeck

Bernard Gates:Generative Chains of Inclusion and
        Complementation: A Context-specific Approach to pc Set Analysis

         Saturday morning, 9 August

Elizabeth Pienaar (Cape Town):Number Symbolism in George Crumb's
        `Makrokosmos, Volume 1'

Charles Wilson (KCL):The `Curved Geometry of Utopia': Boulez,
        Stockhausen and the Remodelling of Registral Space

Mike Searby (Kingston University):Structural Features of Ligeti's
        Harmonic Language in the 1980s


Kenneth Goag (Cardiff):Images of Unity, Fragmentation and
        Reconciliation in Tippett's A Child of Our Time

Arnold Whittall (KCL):Vanitas Vanitatum: Peter Maxwell Davies' Strathclyde     
         Concerto No 5 and the Topic of Genre

      Saturday afternoon


PC Sets: From Complex to Genera

Chair: Craig Ayrey (Goldsmiths): Panel to include John F Doerksen, Jonathan
Dunsby, Allen Forte, Christian Kennett, Richard Parks, Anthony Pople

Carl Schachter (CUNY):Playing What the Composer Didn't Write

Robert Pascall, President of the Society for Music Analysis, Chairman of
the Editorial Board of Music Analysis

    Sunday morning, 10 August


Bethany Lowe (Southampton):`One Movement or Two?': Structural
        Multiplicity in the Recorded Legacy of Sibelius' Fifth Symphony, First 

Amanda Bayley (Reading):Bartok's String Quartet No. 4, Third
        Movement: A New Interpretative Approach

Tom Royall:Notes and Theories: Analysing Sounds from Scores

Robert Adlington (Sussex):Spaced Out: Temporality and Music Analysis

Further details/booking form from
Dr D Chua
St John's College
Cambridge CB2 1TP



Cambridge University Music Analysis Conference 1997

Music Faculty, University of Cambridge, UK

Thursday-Sunday, 7-10 August 1997

Conference sessions will take place at the Cambridge University Faculty of
Music, 11 West Road, Cambridge. Accommodation and meals at Newnham
College, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. Bed linen, towels and hospitality
packs are provided by Newnham College. There are no en suite facilities.
All prices quoted here are in pounds sterling.

Thu 7   Fri 8   Sat 9   Sun 10    Total________

Accommodation 25.00     25.00        25.00      _____

Breakfast       3.00   3.00    3.00   _____

Lunch           7.00    7.00    7.00    _____

Tea and coffee   1.00    2.00    2.00    1.00   _____

Dinner  14.00   14.00   _____

Conference dinner       24.00   _____

Conference fee    students      4.00     5.00    5.00    4.00   _____
(not applicable for SMA members)    
others          7.00       8.00   8.00     7.00 _____


Please enclose a deposit of 25 pounds or full payment in sterling (cheques
only made payable to CUMAC 97) along with the booking form and a note of
any special requirements (e.g. vegetarian meals) to:

Dr D Chua
St John's College

Telephone: +44-(0)1223-338647

Name:   ________________________________________________________________

Address:   ________________________________________________________________




Telephone: ___________________________Fax:  ____________________________

E-mail:    ________________________________________________________________

Message forwarded by:
 Geoffrey Chew
 Music Department, Royal Holloway College (University of London)
 (but please address queries to Dr Chua's e-mail address quoted above)

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