MTO Employment Listings

MTO 4.2 1998


  1. The Pingry School
  2. McGill University
  3. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Pingry School

POSITION/RANK: Full time Faculty--Instrumental Music/Theory
INSTITUTION:  The Pingry School
DUTIES:  Orchestra (Middle and Upper School),
    Wind Ensemble, Chamber music, Jazz Ensemble, AP Music Theory

SEND:  Resume
DEADLINE:  April 30, 1998
Ms. Barbara Stockhoff
Headmaster's Office
The Pingry School
Martinsville Rd.
Martinsville, NJ.  08836
(908) 647-5555  (voice)
(908) 647-3703  (fax)

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McGill University

POSITION/RANK: Faculty Lecturer, Music Theory (non-tenure track)

INSTITUTION: Dept. of Theory, Faculty of Music, McGill Univ.

Ph.D.; those close to completion are encouraged
to apply

one year appointment to commence Sept. 1, 1998; normally
renewable annually to a maximum of 3 years; subject to final
budgetary approval; preference given to applicants with a
specialization in 20th century music; teaching of under-
graduate theory courses at all levels, including the 
teaching of qualifying year theory courses for graduate

in accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this
advertisement is directed in the first instance to Canadian
citizens and permanent residents; McGill University is
committee to equity in employment


curriculum vitae; statement of research interests;
three letters of reference

DEADLINE: April 30, 1998

Bruce Minorgan, Chair, Dept. of Theory
Faculty of Music, McGill University 
555 Sherbrooke St. W. 
Montreal, QC  H3A 1E3
514-398-4540 (phone); 514-398-8061 (fax)

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University of Massachusetts, Amherst

POSITION/RANK: Visiting Scholar, Music Theory (rank open 
  depending upon qualifications)

INSTITUTION: University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Distinguished record of research, teaching, and service.

The Department of Music and Dance at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst 
seeks a visiting scholar in music theory for the 1998-99 academic year.

SALARY RANGE: Competitive

Current CV
Cover letter
Names, addresses, & telephone numbers of three references

DEADLINE: 3/31/98

Gary S. Karpinski, Chair
Theory Search Committee
Department of Music & Dance
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

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