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Table of Contents

1. Article

Jack F. Boss, "Schenkerian-Schoenbergian Analysis" and Hidden Repetition in the Opening Movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 10, No. 1
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2. Music Theory Internationalglobe1.gif (3608 bytes)

Tess James, Hans Rott (1858-1884) -- the missing link between Bruckner and Mahler
Panos Vlagopoulos, Report on the First Symposium On Computer and Music in Corfu, Greece (23-25 October 1998)

3. Announcements

SMT Address Updates
Florida State University Theory Forum: Call For Papers
Intersections: Medieval and Postmodern Forms, Theory and Semiotics
GAMUT 1999 Meeting and Call for Papers
West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis and the Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory
Midwest Graduate Music Consortium
A Tale of Three Cities: Janacek's Brno Between Vienna and Prague
The Five College Women's Studies Research Center
Historical Performance Online
Musical Borrowing from the Middle Ages to the Present
ANALITICA -- Italian Journal of Musicological Studies
Music Theory and Analysis 1450-1650
Society of Music Perception and Cognition
Feminist Theory and Music 5

4. Employment

Chicago Musical College, Roosevelt University, Music Theory
Northern Arizona University, Music Theory
Royal Holloway College (University of London), contemporary cultural studies
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Cello and Music Theory
Tel Aviv University, Ethnomusicology
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Compostion/Theory

5. New Dissertations

Bell, Vicki P. "Shaker Music Theory: The Nineteenth-Century Treatises of Isaac Newton Youngs and Russel Haskell."
Kim, Jung-Jin. "A Barthesian Analysis of Britten's The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op. 35."
Konov, Yavor S. "The first treatise of harpsichord 'Les Principes du Clavecin' by Saint Lambert (Paris, M. DCCII)."
Rubin, Anna I. "For�t Profonde: The Narrative, Sonic and Reception Design of Francis Dhomont's For�t Profonde."
Sundin, Nils-Goran. "Aesthetic Criteria for Musical Interpretation: A Study of the Contemporary Performance of Western Notated Instrumental Music after 1750."

6. New Books

University of Nebraska Press

Edward A. Lippman, The Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music
David Schulenberg, Ed., Bach Perspectives 4: The Music of J. S. Bach: Analysis and Interpretation
Mark Evan Bonds, Ed., Beethoven Forum 7
Graeme M. Boone, Patterns in Play: A Model for Text Setting in the Early French Songs of Guillaume Dufay

7. Advertisements

Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
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7. Communications

Editor's Comments

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