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Volume 14 Number 1, March 2008
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Golan Gur
(Ludwig Maximilian University and Humboldt University)
Body, Forces, and Paths: Metaphor and Embodiment in Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Conceptualization of Tonal Space
Felix F. Diergarten
(Musikhochschule Freiburg)
“At times even Homer nods off”: Heinrich Christoph Koch’s Polemic against Joseph Haydn
William Rothstein
(Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center)
Common-tone Tonality in Italian Romantic Opera: An Introduction


Michael Buchler
(Florida State University)
Reconsidering Klumpenhouwer Networks One More Time: A Response to Eight Responses
Roger Mathew Grant
(University of Pennsylvania)
Hysteria at the Musical Surface
Eric Wen
(Curtis Institute of Music)
Commentary on Samuel Ng’s review of Peter H. Smith’s Expressive Forms in Brahms’s Instrumental Music: Structure and Meaning in His Werther Quartet

Employment Opportunities

New Dissertations

  • Adams, Kyle, "A New Theory of Chromaticism from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Eighteenth Century." CUNY Graduate Center, September 2006.
  • Ayotte, Benjamin McKay, "Incomplete Ursatzformen Transferences in the Vocal Music of Heinrich Schenker." Michigan State University, May 2008.
  • Petrocelli, Paolo, "William Walton and the Violin Concerto in England between the 1900 and 1940." University of Rome, December 2007.
  • Rockwell, Joti, "Drive, Lonesomeness, and the Genre of Bluegrass Music." University of Chicago, June 2007.
  • Sheehan, Paul J., "Twelve-Tone Enitities, Inquisitorial Mind, and the Network Model of the Multitude: Analyzing Luigi Dallapiccola's Il prigioniero." Columbia University, November 2007.
  • Stocken, Frederick, "Anton Bruckner and Simon Sechter's Fundamental Bass Theory." Manchester University, UK, December 2007.

New Books

  • David Huron, Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation

Book Reviews

David B. Easley
(Florida State University)
Review of Christopher Alan Reynolds, Motives for Allusion: Context and Content in Nineteenth-Century Music
(Harvard University Press, 2003)
David Nicholls
(University of Southampton)
Review of Ray Allen and Ellie M. Hisama eds., Ruth Crawford Seeger’s Worlds: Innovation and Tradition in Twentieth-Century American Music
(University of Rochester Press, 2007)
Jonathan Pieslak
(The City College of New York)
Review of Kevin Korsyn, Decentering Music: A Critique of Contemporary Musical Research
(Oxford University Press, 2003)


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