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Author Title Institution Completed
Adams, George W
Listening to Conceptual Music: Technology, Culture, AnalysisUniversity of ChicagoMay 2019
Antonella Di Giulio
Mapping Contemporary Works:
a Semiotic and Linguistic Approach to Music Analysis
University at BuffaloAugust 2021
Boyd, Clifton
Keep It Barbershop: Stylistic Preservation and Whiteness in the Barbershop Harmony SocietyYale UniversityMay 2022
Bradley, Catherine A.
The Earliest Motets: Musical Borrowing and Re-UseUniversity of CambridgeMarch 2011
Carter-Enyi, Aaron
Contour Levels: An Abstraction of Pitch Space Based on African Tone SystemsOhio State UniversityApril 2016
Daly, Timothy P.
From Counterpoint to Composition in the Early L’homme armé MassThe University of MelbourneSeptember 2020
Dobbs, Benjamin M.
A Seventeenth-century Musiklehrbuch in Context: Heinrich Baryphonus and Heinrich Grimm’s Pleiades MusicaeUniversity of North TexasAugust 2015
Freer, Nicholas
Allan Holdsworth: Principles of Harmonic Organisation in Selected Compositions
University of MelbourneJuly 2022
Helmcke, William M.
Structure and Meaning in Fryderyk Chopin's PolonaisesUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstApril 2022
Leaman, Kara Yoo
Analyzing Music and Dance: Balanchine’s Choreography to Tchaikovsky and the Choreomusical ScoreYale UniversityOctober 2016
Liebermann, Alexander
ERWIN SCHULHOFF (1894–1942): A Comparative Study of the Sonata for Violin and Piano, op. 7 (WV 24) and the
Sonata for Violin and Piano (WV 91)
Manhattan School of MusicMay 2022
Lyons, Megan E.
Unsung: A Corpus Study on the Art Songs of Amy BeachUniversity of ConnecticutMay 2022
Orosz, Jeremy W
Translating Music Intelligibly:
Musical Paraphrase in the Long 20th Century
University of MinnesotaDecember 2013
Posen, Thomas W
Analyzing Beethoven's Eroica Sketches: A Form-Functional Perspective on the First-Movement ExpositionMcGill UniversitySeptember 2022
Ross, Martin
Gesture in Steve Reich's Music and its Signification: A Referential Approach to His Process, Stylistic, and Postminimalist WorksUniversity of Western OntarioNovember 2022
Utne-Reitan, Bjørnar
Harmony in Conservatoire Education: A Study in the History of Music Theory in NorwayNorwegian Academy of MusicNovember 2022
Whitelaw, Bryan A.
Franz Liszt's Sonata Narratives: Large-Scale Forms at the Weimar CourtQueen's University BelfastJuly 2021

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