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Volume 15 Numbers 3 and 4, August 2009
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Joseph Straus
(Graduate Center, CUNY)
Paul Attinello
(Newcastle University)
Time, Work, and Chronic Illness
Samantha Bassler
(Open University, UK)
“But You Don’t Look Sick”: A Survey of Scholars with Chronic, Invisible Illnesses and their Advice on How to Live and Work in Academia
James Deaville
(Carleton University)
More Than the Blues: Clinical Depression, Invisible Disabilities and Academe
Timothy L. Jackson
(University of North Texas)
Escaping from a Black Hole: Facing Depression in Academia
Allen Gimbel
(Lawrence University)
Scholarship and Quadriplegia
Stefan Sunandan Honisch
(University of British Columbia)
“Re-narrating” Disability through Musical Performance
Jeff Gillespie
(Butler University)
Our Common Uniqueness

New Dissertations

  • Auerbach, Jennifer Sadoff, "Drafts, Page Proofs, and Revisions of Heinrich Schenker’s Der freie Satz: the Collection at the Austrian National Library and Schenker’s Generative Process." University of North Texas, May 2009.
  • Clement, Brett, "A Study of the Instrumental Music of Frank Zappa." University of Cincinnati, July 2009.
  • Grall, Jeremy N., "An Analytical Edition of Giovanni Kapsberger's "Partite sulla folia" for Chitarrone: Ornamentation, Performance Practices, and Compositional Structures in Kapsberger's Folia Variations." University of Memphis, April 2009.
  • Iverson, Jennifer, "Historical Memory and György Ligeti's Sound-Mass Music, 1958-1968." University of Texas at Austin, May 2009.
  • Mak, Su Yin, "Structure, Design, and Rhetoric: Variation Procedures in Selected Instrumental and Vocal Works by Franz Schubert." Eastman School of Music, January 2009.
  • Poudrier, Ève, "Toward a general theory of polymeter: Polymetric potential and realization in Elliott Carter's solo and chamber instrumental works after 1980." City University of New York, September 2008.
  • Schultz, Rob, "A Diachronic-Transformational Theory of Musical Contour Relations." University of Washington, June 2009.
  • Yorgason, Brent , "Expressive Asynchrony and Meter: A Study of Dispersal, Downbeat Space, and Metric Drift." Indiana University, August 2009.


Ciro Scotto
(Eastman School of Music)
The Symbiosis of Disability
Jon Kochavi
(Swarthmore College)
How Do You Hear That? Autism, Blindness, and Teaching Music Theory
Shersten Johnson
(University of St. Thomas)
Notational Systems and Conceptualizing Music: A Case Study of Print and Braille Notation
Stephanie Jensen-Moulton
(Brooklyn College)
Music Fundamentals: Three Classes with Daniel Trush
David Pacun
(Ithaca College)
Reflections on and Some Recommendations for Visually Impaired Students
Janna Saslaw
(Loyola University)
“Teaching Blind”: Methods for Teaching Music Theory to Visually Impaired Students
Rebecca Morris
(Unversity of Southern California)
Universal Design and Adaptive Equipment: Ideas and Solutions for Music Schools

Book Review

Eleanor Aversa
(University of Pennsylvania)
Review of David Huron, Sweet Anticipation
(MIT Press Books, 2006)


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