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       M U S I C          T H E O R Y         O N L I N E
                     A Publication of the
                   Society for Music Theory
         Copyright (c) 1993 Society for Music Theory
| Volume 0, Number 5      November, 1993   ISSN:  1067-3040   |
  General Editor                          Lee Rothfarb
  Co-Editors                              David Butler
                                          Justin London
                                          Ann McNamee
                                          David Neumeyer
                                          Gregory Proctor
  Reviews Editor                          Claire Boge
  Consulting Editors
	Bo Alphonce		   Thomas Mathiesen
	Jonathan Bernard	   Ann McNamee
	John Clough		   Benito Rivera
	Nicholas Cook		   John Rothgeb
	Allen Forte		   Arvid Vollsnes
	Marianne Kielian-Gilbert   Robert Wason
	Stephen Hinton		   Gary Wittlich
  Editorial Assistants                    Natalie Boisvert
                                          Cynthia Gonzales
  All queries to: mto-editor@husc.harvard.edu
                        SPECIAL NOTE
    Please read the "Communications" section below (section 7)

                         * * CONTENTS * *
AUTHOR AND TITLE                                 FILENAMES
1. Target Article
   John Roeder, Toward a Semiotic Evaluation
     of Music Analyses                           mto.93.0.5.roeder.art
2. Commentaries
3. Reviews
4. Announcements                                 mto.93.0.5.ann
   1.  Music Theory Midwest:  Annual Conference
   2.  Music Theory Midwest:  Call for Papers
   3.  Canadian Univ. Music Society:  Annual Conference
   4.  Music Performance and Pedagogy:  New Mailing List
   5.  International Computer Music Conference, 1994
   6.  Indiana Theory Review:  Announcement of New Volume
   7.  Texas Society for Music Theory:  Call for Papers
   8.  9th International Congress of Musical Signification
   9.  Florida State Univ. Theory Society:  Annual Meeting
   10. Festival of Music by Contemporary Chinese Composers:
       Call for Papers
5. Employment                                    mto.93.0.5.job
   Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of
     the Arts
6. New Dissertations
   No listings this issue
7. Communications
   a. MTO in RILM
   b. Call for materials
   c. Farewell to Elizabeth West Marvin, greetings to
      Ann McNamee
An important step in the life of a journal is
gaining recognition by major bibliographic indexes.
Those interested in monitoring the contents of
MTO, as well as potential authors, may be pleased
to learn that MTO articles will now be indexed in
RILM, one of the main bibliographic indexes of
scholarly music literature.
In order to sustain any scholarly publication, and
to expect serious consideration by university
rank and tenure committees, high-quality material
is crucial.  The backbone of each MTO issue is the
target article.  Now that MTO has gotten the attention
of RILM, I hope that authors will give MTO serious
consideration as a unique way of sharing and then
discussing their research with the world-wide
community of those interested in music theory and
In addition to carrying essays and works in progress,
MTO, with its rapid delivery and bimonthly
appearance, should regularly feature commentaries
on past articles.  The dialog in such commentaries
broadens the perspective of issues for MTO
subscribers, and benefits authors in the development
of their ideas.  Our last two issues have
unfortunately lacked commentaries.  I hope that, as
MTO continues, subscribers will respond to target
articles by submitting formal commentaries for
publication in MTO (50+ lines of text as an arbitrary
threshold), or by posting less formal, shorter
commentaries to smt-list (less than 50 lines of text).
MTO hopes to enlarge the scope of reviews by regularly
including discussions of textbooks and conferences.
I regret to say that MTO has not yet been able to
publish any reviews.  I hope that will soon change.
Reviews, like essays, may also stimulate commentaries
(on smt-list and in MTO), which could make for
interesting dialog.  Those wishing to review a
book, text, or a conference should contact the current
MTO reviews editor, Claire Boge (boge_claire@msmail.
muohio.edu) to discuss an assignment, and to get the
guidelines for preparing electronic texts for MTO.
Due to an increased workload, Elizabeth West
Marvin (Eastman School of Music) has notified
me that she will be unable to continue as a
co-editor.  I thank her for her participation
in early discussions, on smt-list and on a
special co-editor's list, about how to organize
and disbribute MTO.  In Elizabeth's place, I
welcome Ann McNamee (Swarthmore College) to the
MTO co-editorial board.  I thank her once again
for providing the target article in the last issue
of MTO, and look forward to working with her and
others on the co-editorial board in improving MTO
and assuring its future as a unique new journal
for the dissemination of research in music theory.
Lee A. Rotharb, Editor
8. Copyright Statement
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   3.  Retrieving MTO Documentation
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