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Andrew Aziz
In Name Only: The Interaction of Title and Genre in the Sonata Forms of Debussy and RavelEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Bakker, Sara
Playing with Patterns: Isorhythmic Strategies in György Ligeti's Late Piano WorksIndiana UniversityApril 2013
Behrens, Lisa, S.
Cyclic Pitch Organization in the Twelve-Tone Works of Aaron CoplandThe Graduate Center, CUNYOctober 2012
Bisciglia, Sebastiano
On Row-Class Equivalence ClassesEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Boss, Jack F.
An Analogue to Developing Variation in a Late Atonal Song of Arnold SchoenbergYale UniversityMay 1991
Brown, Jenine L.
Cognitive Models of Interval Perception in Twelve-Tone Music: Hearing Webern's Concerto, Op. 24, and Other WorksUniversity of Rochester-Eastman School of MusicApril 2014
Chenette, Timothy K
Counterpoint, Transformations, and Musical Spaces in the Late Sixteenth CenturyIndiana UniversityMay 2013
Fielding, Peter G
The Traditional Vocal Repertoire of Nova Scotia: A Classification of Pitch Space
University of Massachusetts AmherstFebruary 2014
Folio, Cynthia J.
An Analysis and Comparison of Four Compositions by Joseph Schwantner: And the Mountains Rising Nowhere; Wild Angels of the Open Hills; Aftertones of Infinity; and SparrowsEastman School of MusicMay 1985
Francis, Timothy P
Modal Prolongational Structure in Selected Sacred Choral Compositions by Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan WilliamsUniversity of OregonJune 2012
Gleason, Scott M.
Princeton Theory's ProblematicsColumbia UniversityOctober 2013
Harley, Konrad
Harmonic Function in the Music of Sergei ProkofievUniversity of TorontoApril 2014
Heap, Matthew
Keep Going: Narrative Continuity in Luciano Berio's Sinfonia AND Dillinger: An American OratorioUniversity of PittsburghApril 2012
Hunt, Graham G.
"Ever New Formal Structures": The Evolution of the Dialogue-Scene in Wagner's LohengrinDuke UniversityMay 2001
Ilomäki, Tuukka
On the Similarity of Twelve-Tone RowsSibelius AcademyApril 2008
Jacobus, Enoch S. A.
A New Geometric Model and Methodology for Understanding Parsimonious Seventh-Sonority Pitch-Class SpaceUniversity of KentuckyOctober 2012
Kallis, Vasilis, C
Modes of Cross-collectional Interaction: A Study of Four Collections in Music by Debussy, Ravel and ScriabinUniversity of NottinghamOctober 2003
Kizas, Andrew J.
From Octatonicism to Dodecaphony: A Study of Pitch Organization in Selected Works by Donald MartinoUniversity of Western OntarioDecember 2004
Klorman, Edward
Multiple Agency in Mozart's Chamber MusicCUNY Graduate CenterJanuary 2013
Klug, Gregory Kyle
A Study of Two Biblical Choral Symphonies with an Original CompositionUniversity of Northern ColoradoApril 2012
Leinberger, Charles F.
An Austrian in Hollywood: Leitmotifs, Thematic Transformation & Key Relationships in Max Steiner's 1942 Film Score, Now, VoyagerThe University of ArizonaDecember 1996
Losada, C. Catherine
A Theoretical Model for Collage in Music Derived from Selected Works by Berio, Zimmermann and RochbergCity University of New York Graduate CenterAugust 2004
Ludwig, Alexander R
Three-Part Expositions in the String Quartets of Joseph HaydnBrandeis UniversityAugust 2010
Marlowe, Sarah R.
Fugue in Context: A Schenkerian Approach to Select Works by J.S. Bach and Dmitri ShostakovichEastman School of Music of the University of RochesterOctober 2013
Metz, Andreas
Temporality, Pace, and Formal Structure in Selected Passages from Brahms's Adagio GenreIndiana UniversityMay 2014
Moseley, Brian C.
Twelve-Tone Cartography: Space, Chains and Intimations of 'Tonal Form' in Webern's Twelve-Tone MusicCUNY Graduate CenterAugust 2013
Nelson, Richard B.
Theories of Harmonic Modulation in Selected German Treatises of the Eighteenth CenturyEastman School of MusicDecember 1983
Nobile, Drew F.
A Structural Approach to the Analysis of Rock MusicCUNY Graduate CenterDecember 2013
Ofcarcik, Judith
A Structural-Aesthetic Study of the Variation Movements of Beethoven's Late Period"Florida State UniversityMay 2013
Ohriner, Mitchell S.
Pellegrin, Richard S.
On Jazz Analysis: Schenker, Salzer, and SalienceUniversity of WashingtonJune 2013
Porterfield, Richard
Melodic Function and Modal Process in Gregorian ChantCUNY Graduate CenterDecember 2013
Reid, Leah C
Composing Timbre Spaces, Composing Timbre in Space: An Exploration of the Possibilities of Multidimensional Timbre Representations and their Compositional ApplicationsStanford UniversityJune 2013
Richardson, Mark D.
Igor Stravinsky's Agon (1953-57): Pitch-Related Processes in the Serial Movements and Rhythm in the Named Dance Movements Described in De Lauze's Apologie de la Danse (1623)Florida State UniversityMay 1996
Robison, Brian Carl
Carmen arcadiae mechanicae perpetuum: Toward a methodology for analyzing Harrison Birtwistle's music since 1977Cornell UniversityAugust 1999
Serebrennikov, Maxim
The Keyboard Thorough-bass Fugue of the Baroque EraThe State Institute of Art Studies, MoscowOctober 2013
Shelley, Peter J
Rethinking Minimalism: At the Intersection of Art and MusicUniversity of WashingtonJune 2013
Tan, Daphne
Ernst Kurth at the Boundary of Music Theory and PsychologyEastman School of Music, University of RochesterApril 2013
Väisälä, Olli
Prolongation in Early Post-Tonal Music: Analytical Examples and Theoretical PrinciplesSibelius AcademyJune 2004

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