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Author: Sandell, Gregory, J.

Title: Concurrent Timbres in Orchestration: A Perceptual Study of Factors Determining 'Blend'

Institution: Northwestern University

Begun: September 1987

Completed: December 1991


Exceeds 100-200 word limit. Please send me email and I will send you the full text. In just a few words: a series of perceptual experiments to uncover some of the physical (acoustical) parameters correlating to judgments of whether two sounds fuse into one ('blend') or segregate. A lit. review of orchestration texts is included to examine how this has been handled traditionally. The goal is to find context-free ways of predicting the degree to which arbitrary instruments will blend.

Keywords: orchestration, timbre, computer, perception, psychology, experiment, statistics


1. Orchestration Manuals;
2. Perceptual Research and 'Blend';
3. Method for Investigating 'Blend';
4. Experiments in Blend Perception;
5. Concluding Remarks


Lab. of Experimental Psychology
University of Sussex
Brighton, BN1 9QG, England
Voice: 44-273-678058
email: sandell@epvax.sussex.ac.uk

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