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Author: Karamahmutoglu, Gulay

Title: Nr:1637 Hamparsum Notation Manuscripts at Istanbul Ataturk Library

Institution: ITU Institute of Social Science

Begun: January 1997

Completed: December 1999


Hamparsum Notation is a note writing system developed by Hamparsum Limonciyan (1768-1839) who was encouraged and demanded by Sultan Selim III. This system is technically bases on Khaz notation system, which used by the Ancient Armenian Church. Hamparsum notation has proved useful to thousands of compositions have been come down today.

This study regarding "Nr: 1637 Hamparsum Notation Manuscripts at Istanbul Ataturk Library" has been prepared to transform all compositions in this book into today's international musical notation system. A preliminary knowledge concerning the history and the development of the notation has been given as introduction. In chapter II, history, transcription and the use of Hamparsum Notation in Turkish Classical Music have been presented. The detailed knowledge about manuscripts, which formed the theme of this thesis, has been given in chapter III. And in chapter IV, a list of the compositions in manuscripts and the transcriptions of the notations have been taken part. An acquirement concerning manuscripts and the determinations have been given in conclusions. The original photocopies taken from manuscripts also exist in appendix section.

Keywords: Hamparsum Notation, International Musical Notation System, Hamparsum Limonciyan, Turkish Classical Music, Manuscripts, Nr: 1637 Hamparsum Notation Manuscript, Khaz System of Ancient Armenian Church, Istanbul Ataturk Library


Volume 1




List of Figures and Forms

Turkish Summary

English Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Hamparsum notation and its usage in Turkish Music

Chapter 3: Nr: 1637 Hamparsum Notation Manuscripts at Istanbul Ataturk Library

Chapter 4: Transcriptions of the notations to today's musical notation system




Volume-2: Appendix

The photocopies of original manuscripts


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