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Author: Jacobus-Freund, Suzanne A.

Title: The Art of Development: Development and the Development section Seen Through the Eyes of Theorists, ca. 1775-1830

Institution: Yale University

Begun: January 1995

Completed: May 1998


This dissertation seeks to trace the history of the idea of development as a procedure that becomes centralized to a specific section of a musical composition. The primary goal is to gain insight into how Classical theorists understood development, both as it occurs in what is commonly known as the development section of a sonata form movement as well as in other locations. The principal theorists to be studied are Heinrich Christoph Koch, Francesco Galeazzi, and Anton Reicha. The writings of other theorists such as Joseph Riepel, Jerome- Joseph de Momigny, Alexandre-Etienne Choron, Carl Czerny, and Adolf Bernhard Marx will also be cited. This study will also examine the music of composers cited by or contemporaneous with these theorists and look for links between practice and theory.

Keywords: development, Koch, Galeazzi, Reicha, Riepel, Momigny, Choron, Czerny, Marx


I. Introduction
II. Development and Harmony
III. Development and Melody
IV. Other Issues
V. Conclusions



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