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Author: Wang, Yuhwen

Title: The Value of Values: Value Judgment in Edward T. Cone's Music Analyses

Institution: Columbia University

Begun: September 1995

Completed: December 1996


This dissertation aims to study the relationship between music analysis and the aesthetic values assumed in such analysis. The focus is placed on the analyses and criticisms of Edward T. Cone. In particular, the dissertation tries to detect (1) what his values are, and how values are revealed or reflected in his analyses, (2) how these values illuminate his analyses, and (3) whether these values play a determining role in his analyses, why and how.

Rather than discussing the philosophical nature of value judgment and contemplating its relationship with analysis, as Carl Dahlhaus did in his book , this dissertation offers an empirical case study by focusing on Cone's works. It will first explicate the musical values Cone allegedly holds. Then it will examine Cone's analytical writings closely, so that the relationship between his analysis and values can be revealed. Finally, the dissertation will determine the role value judgment plays in Cone's analyses.

Keywords: value judgment, music aesthetics, Edward T. Cone, criticism


1. Introduction: problems in neglecting the input of values in theory and analysis; the distinction between fact and value
2. The roles of analysis and criticism, and their relation to value judgment, as Cone asserts
3. Values explained in Cone's writings, and relation among these various values
4. Cone's analyses of music without text
5. Cone's analyses of music with text
6. The role of values in Cone's analyses and criticisms; Implication for distinguishing between fact and value in music analysis


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