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Author: Rothstein, Evan J.

Title: The Tradition of Developing Variation and the Problem of ‘Folkloristic’ Music in Ives’s First Violin Sonata

Institution: Indiana University

Begun: unspecified

Completed: May 2001


This document follows a model proposed by Epstein in "Beyond Orpheus" forunifying Schenkerian and Schoenbergian approaches to the analysis of Austro-Germanic classical-romantic period music and takes advantage of recent Ives research which places the composer's education and early evolution in the context of this period.

After a review of the literature concerning the revision of Ives's evolution, follows a review of the model proposed by Epstein and considerations of the debate concerning the application of Schenkerian techniques to "post-tonal" music. A thorough examination of Schoenberg's concept of developing variation and Grundgestalt reveals many hidden links with Ives's compositional practices.

Although the First Violin Sonata appears sectional in construction,including several apparently "pasted-in" folk music "objects" a thorough analysis a reveals a very tightly constructed and dynamic structure which relies on both the control of the long harmonic line and complete motivic integration.

To balance this rigorously "organic" approach, two appendices explore the possible implications of recent research into cultural and aesthetic changes the the arts in the early twentieth century as well as the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

Keywords: Ives, Schoenberg, Schenker, Grundgestalt, Developing variation, Deleuze


Evan Rothstein
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