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Author: Grove, Paul R.

Title: Doctrine of the Canon: An Annotated Translation of the Second Counterpoint Book of Sergei Ivanovich Taneev

Institution: University of Arizona

Begun: April 1994

Completed: January 1996


This dissertation will consist of a translation of Taneev's second book of counterpoint which involves the composition of canons, primarily in the strict style. The intention of the author of the dissertation is to translate and to provide a commentary on certain salient features of this work, particularly how this book is associated with his first book, "Moveable Counterpoint in the Strict Style". The author also intends to include, a discussion of theorists such as Bellerman and Richter who influenced Taneev, a description of the Russian pursuit of "musical science" which formed the soil for Taneev's explorations, a discussion of the pedagogical influence of Taneev's thought and a description of the appearance of his influence in the works of several of his students including Gliere, Skryabin and Rachmaninoff

Keywords: Taneev, Counterpoint, Russian Compositional School


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