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Author: Gloag, Kenneth

Title: Structure, Syntax and Style in the Music of Stravinsky

Institution: University of Exeter

Begun: October 1991

Completed: February 1995


This thesis involves detailed analytical discussions of a selection of Stravinsky's major works. The analyses are concerned with structural processes which can be related to Stravinsky's metaphor of polarity and the specific details of his harmonic syntax.

Emerging from this analytical process is a concern with the question of continuities across the works which are considered as being representative of Stravinsky's three stylistic periods. The works selected for discussion are Petrushka, which represents the Russian period, the Serenade and Dumbarton Oaks reflect the concerns of the neoclassical period and the late serial works are represented by In Memoriam Dylan Thomas and Requiem Canticles. The consideration of continuity leads to a discussion of the relationship between the accumulated analytical details and the problems of defining and identifying musical style.

Keywords: Theory, Analysis, Style (Barthes/Meyer), Salience, Prolongation, Continuity


Chapter 1: Theoretical Contexts and Analytical Strategies
Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework (1)
Chapter 3: Petrushka (part two)
Chapter 4: Petrushka (part three)
Chapter 5: Serenade (first movement)
Chapter 6: Dumbarton Oaks (first movement)
Chapter 7: In Memoriam Dylan Thomas
Chapter 8: Requiem Canticles
Chapter 9: Theoretical Framework (2): Implications


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