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Author: Longo, Lauren, M.

Title: Pietro Gianotti's Le Guide du compositeur: A Reworking of Rameau's "L'Art de la basse fondamentale"--An Annotated Translation and Critical Edition of Part I

Institution: City University of New York

Begun: unspecified

Completed: July 1997


"L'Art de la basse fondamentale" (MS 2474, Institut de France) is a relatively unknown treatise by Rameau that served as the textbook draft for a six-month long composition course offered between 1737 and 1744. Pietro Gianotti later issued his own printed version of "L'Art" as Le Guide du compositeur in 1759. This dissertation provides an English translation of Part I of Gianotti's Guide and a critical edition that cites the corresponding passages of Rameau's two drafts of "L'Art" in English translation alongside Gianotti's in a three-column format. Critical assessment of the presentation of ideas from each author's point of view follows each of Gianotti's 15 chapters in editorial commentaries. Volume II of the critical edition also furnishes a full transcription of each manuscript draft of Rameau's first section of "L'Art."

Keywords: Rameau, Gianotti, Fundamental bass, Pedagogy, Harmony text


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