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Author: Lowe, Bethany L.

Title: Performance, Analysis, and Interpretation in Sibelius's Fifth Symphony

Institution: University of Southampton

Begun: October 1995

Completed: November 2000


The relationship between performance and analysis has been a topic of much debate in recent musicological studies. This thesis addresses this issue from both theoretical and practical perspectives, using the first movement of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony as a case study. The first chapter establishes a conceptual model for the relationship between these two disciplines which incorporates 'interpretation' as an additional, mediatory element. This resolves several ideological and musical problems, and provides a schema for all activities which aim to relate both disciplines. The second chapter explores the reception of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony in a sample of analytical writings, and considers their contrasting structural insights, using an investigation of metaphorical writing. Thus the pertinent structural issues of this piece are established prior to the third chapter, which combines both previous approaches in an analytical investigation of 41 recorded performances of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony. Various methodological and philosophical issues relevant to this discipline are clarified, before the recordings are examined through the tempo outlines which were found through an application of empirical methodology. The structural insights in these recordings are explored and categorised, and the possible connections between these performances, analytical writings, and accompanying programme notes are considered.

Keywords: Sibelius, performance, recording, reception, interpretation, tempo, analysis, Finnish, symphony, orchestral, conductor


Abstract ii
Contents iii
List of examples v
Acknowledgements vii

Introduction 1

Chapter One: Interpretation 5
1.1 Overview 5
1.2 The relation between Analysis and Performance 12
1.3 The Interpretation 31
1.4 Realisation 61

Chapter Two: Analysis 68
2.1 Receptions 68
2.2 Analysis of Sibelius's Fifth Symphony, first movement 70
2.3 The blind men and the elephant? 81
2.4 Metaphor and learning 86
2.5 The analysts 104

Chapter Three: Performance 131
3.1 Introduction to Performance Analysis 131
3.2 One-movement Interpretations 187
3.3 Two-movement Interpretations 204
3.4 Other structural traditions 226
3.5 Local features 235
3.6 Programme notes 246
3.7 Summary 268

Appendix 1: On the 1915 and 1916 versions of the Symphony 271
Appendix 2: On the movement division at bar 106, and the structure of the 'scherzo' 275
Appendix 3: Discography 280
Appendix 4: Set of Reference Graphs 282
Appendix 5: Update following the publication of the revised New Grove dictionary 324



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