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Author: Slottow, Stephen P.

Title: A Vast Simplicity: Pitch Organization in the works of Carl Ruggles

Institution: Graduate Center, City University of New York

Begun: January 1994

Completed: April 2001


Carl Ruggles

Keywords: Carl Ruggles, Charles Seeger, dissonant counterpoint, atonal voice leading, voice exchange, sublime, canons, sequences, interval cycles, dissonation


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Melody
2.1 The Importance of the Line
2.1.1 The Woodpecker
2.2 Linear Pitch-Class Nonrepetition
2.3 Pitch-Class and Interval Distribution
2.4 Chromatic Completion, Aggregates, and Near-Aggregates
2.5 Contour: Straight and Crooked Lines

Chapter 3 Motive
3.1 Motivic parameters
3.2 Motivic processes
3.2.1 Immediate Repetition (Echo)
3.2.2 Transposition and Inversion/ Split Transposition and Inversion
3.2.3 Processes that Change Cardinality: Extension, Intension, Fragmentation, and Liquidation
3.2.4 Sequences: Motivic Aspects
3.2.5 Interval Combinations and Combination Cycles: Fifths and Semitones

Chapter 4 Counterpoint and Harmony
4.1 The Term


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