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Author: Losada, C. Catherine

Title: A Theoretical Model for Collage in Music Derived from Selected Works by Berio, Zimmermann and Rochberg

Institution: City University of New York Graduate Center

Begun: January 2000

Completed: August 2004


This study describes the logic behind the combination of the disparate elements contained in the musical collage, emphasizing the technical, rather than the referential implications of the practice of quotation. It outlines two analytical approaches, formal analysis and motivic and transformational analysis, and reveals two compositional processes, those used to achieve modulation and the technique of chromatic saturation and the significant gap (a technique that operates in registral space). The examples derive from three strongly contrasting but representative pieces in this style: Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s Musique pour les Soupers du Roi Ubu (1966), the first movement of George Rochberg’s Music for the Magic Theater (1965), and the third movement of Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia (1968).

Keywords: collage, Berio, Sinfonia, Zimmermann, Rochberg, Magic Theater, technical, quotation, significant gap


1. The Musical Collage
2 Formal Processes
3 Motivic and Transformational Techniques
4 The Process of Modulation
5 Chromatic Saturation and the Significant Gap

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