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Author: Kim, Kristal B.

Title: Emma Lou Diemer’s Solo Piano Works Through 2010: A Study of Pedagogy and Performance in the Context of 20th- and 21st-Century Music Making

Institution: University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Begun: November 2010

Completed: July 2012


The document presents a comprehensive survey of the solo piano works by an eminent contemporary woman composer Emma Lou Diemer, who is still alive and active as a musician of various roles, such as a composer, teacher, performer, and church musician. By keying into her representative solo piano works including her most recent output, the document’s primary goal is to guide performers and piano teachers for
understanding and playing the composer’s piano works.

Selected pedagogical and concert works will be given detailed analysis such as comparisons of styles, structures, and sonorities. In light of her collective output for piano literature, the significance of the composer’s contribution to the 20th- and 21st-Century music making, especially for the history of piano literature, is examined, in the context of current musical culture and trend.

Keywords: Emma Lou Diemer Solo Piano Works Through 2010, Emma Lou Diemer Pedagogic Works For Piano, Emma Lou Diemer Piano Sonata, Emma Lou Diemer Psalms for Piano, 21st Century Contemporary Piano Pedagagoy, 21st Women Composers for Piano



I. Emma Lou Diemer’s Background
A. Composer’s youth and education
B. Composer’s professional activities, achievements, and awards C. Chronological overview of the composer’s musical path

II. Emma Lou Diemer’s Solo Piano Works
A. Compilation of the entire solo piano works
B. Summary of compositional features

III. Emma Lou Diemer’s Pedagogical and Concert Piano Works
A. Table of easy/intermediate vs. advanced solo piano works
B. Selected studies of representative pedagogical works
C. Selected studies of representative concert works
D. Comparison and summary of the two different types of works

IV. Conclusions
A. Overview of 20th- and 21st- Century music evolution and current musical trend
B. Compositional dispositions of Diemer and contemporary


Appendix: Composer’s Solo Piano Works: Discography



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