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Author: Van Colle, Sue, J

Title: Music therapy process with cerebral palsied children: connections with psychoanalytic models, particularly that of Winnicott

Institution: University of Reading, Department of Music

Begun: April 1988

Completed: October 1999


This research aims to make a detailed description of processes that occur in interactive music therapy with cerebral palsied children.

The writer has made a video-tape collection of her clinical work which she undertook, over one academic year, with two groups each of four severely and multiply handicapped cerebral palsied children. Data analysis involves both manual and computerised systems, and draws on ethological methods. There are two major aims: (1) to generate the hypothesis that the role of the music therapist is like that of the good-enough mother as described by Donald W Winnicott, and (2) to generate some broad rules of music therapy.

Keywords: music therapy, child, handicap, cerebral palsy, piano, process, interaction, psycoanalytic, Winnicott, ethological


1. Music Therapy: Introduction and Broad Historical Overview
2. Music Therapy Research in Great Britain
3. The Use and Significance of the Piano in Music Therapy
4. The Writer's Clinical Work
5. Research Method
6. Measures of Behaviour: Description of Observables
7. Descriptive Analysis
8. Results of Teacher's Ratings
9. Examining the Process of Music Therapy
10. Conclusion


University of Reading
35 Upper Redlands Road
Reading, Berkshire

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